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#nodewar is an IRC channel of Hard Light Production forumite refugees who claim to represent a portion of the intelligible and half-way-intelligible population, but usually fail to do so. They also claim to play an RPG game, but in reality the channel members spend all of their time trying to liberate cheese.

The channel purports to exist for discussion of a forum-based text RPG game. This is geek shorthand for "guys who make whoosh whoosh sounds with Star Wars toys". Most of the channel members consider the Nodewar text RPG to be beaten to a pulp, dead, and decomposed thrice.

Recent uses for discussion in the channel include topics such as programming (most notably C++ and Ruby), music, spam, anime, other games (FPS's, RPG's, MMO's), and general discussion/goofing off. Goofing off is not a euphemism for wanking. Really.

Of course, #nodewar has now been all but been abondoned, except by a few blistering idiots who serve as guardians of the funny, as everybody has moved over to a sillier, stupider channel.

IRC Information[edit]


Recommended port: 9000

Channel: #nodewar

The Opocalypse[edit]

The regular operators of the channel are a band of witty ban-happy enthusiasts proclaimed to be the "Opocalypse" by an entity under the alias of Ghostavo and include: Anaz, Joey_21, Shi, and T1g4h. Each operator was assigned a title which reflects their role in the Opocalypse. These titles consist of death, war, famine, and pestilence, respectively.

  • Anaz's (aka Anazeron) position in the Opocalypse is to ensure that the channel maintains disarray and death. Such time of great dispair includes a period where he once campaigned for the liberation of cheese all around us. Hence, the phrase "Liberate Cheese!" became a regular bidding of the nodewarriors. Many spoke of the liberation and fought for the campaign. Wielding the combined power of war, death, famine, pestilence and heart, he created QUOTEBOT by slaying 666 babies as per Phobos' request. Anaz believes in the power of C++ and uses it on a regular basis to accomplish his biddings. If only he could get his physics work to accomplish his biddings...
  • Joey_21 (aka Joey_10101) is notorious for making Ghostavo's life a living hell (read: War) under regular channel operation and has taken up the hobby of listening to all kinds of metal music professionally. His assigned task under the formation of the Opocalypse is to ensure that no single-dotting is allowed. Specifically, in the case of Ghostavo. He has maniacally and relentlessly fought to make sure that no dot gets through the channel log without the proper ban. Joey_21 has maintained regular membership to the channel since the year 2002 but has not once participated in the nodewar text RPG. Perhaps we shall learn what the evil behind his mystery holds for the nodewarriors with time.
  • Shi (aka Kamikaze) is #nodewar's creator. He is the channel's proclaimed Japanese guru and maintains the channel's weekly statistics. Engaging in discussion topics such as anime, operating systems, programming, and mathematics, his conquest goes not unnoticed. He is one of nodewar's all-around uber geeks and uses his power to smite those who may defy him. Defiance is not an option against he who createth thy roaming land; fore ye will be put in the pit of the less-technologically-inclined. So eat some soba noodles and relax in his presence. And don't be a tard or you will get the ass-end of a smackdown. Famine is upon you!
  • T1g4h (aka El_Wolf) was naturally accepted as one of the crew. Having quickly discovered many of the fellowships that other nodewarriors engaged in through much research (he stuck around for a nodewar log more than once), T1g4h has proven himself worthy of the pestilence title. Often you can make no mistake whether it's discussing cars and being philosophical; or maybe even being confused by programming languages and disputing mathematical details (such as his urge to disprove our geometry); his precense be known. He enjoys rendering landscapes to let out his inner emo side. Ye shall respect his 1337 skills or he shall pwneth thou with a ban. URGENT WARNING: Believe me, I've seen him do it! He will ban you just because he felt like it! So don't mess around with this op. You don't want to get tangled amongst the intricacies which are comprehensible way beyond your level of acknowledgement.

The Other Weirdos[edit]

#nodewar has a vast amount of survivors of the Opocalypse. These include but are not limited to: an0n, GW2k9, Ghostavo, Interitus, LSD, Phobos, WMCoolmon, kode, Corhellion and last but not least, QUOTEBOT.

an0n (aka an01):

  • one of the oldest of the nodewarriors
  • currently provides the hosting establishments for the #nodewar forum
  • often characterized by his nack for disturbing topics, pr0n talk, and infatuation with hot famous chicks.

GW2k9 (aka GreyWolf2009):

  • Was an op for #nodewar "Back in the day"
  • Destroyed Ghostavo's soul by showing him the picture.
  • Was a moderator for multiple Nodewar incarnations, which lead him to be one of earliest members of the channel who still visit.

Ghostavo (aka Let_it_be_glue):

  • can be described as one of the nodewarrior trolls
  • proclaimed his underground resistance with the Opocalypse
  • has an obsession with a certain visual appearance of a picture posted by HLP's Shrike in which an anime girl was shown being covered in a white substance which Ghostavo would hope is actually glue
  • it is semen
  • Confuses the punctuation "." with being a proper sentence.

Interitus (aka Deadman384AD, DM):

  • ex-regular forumite
  • runs his own website
  • showed up on #nodewar due to; did not participate in nodewar's text RPG (we aren't even sure why he's here since he's not a fan of Freespace either)
  • has been filling the #nodewar chat logs with filth, mindlessness, spam, and un-needed descriptions of his bodily functions for over 4 years.


  • is known as one of the many Linux users in the channel.
  • is a professional lurker, and uses his Ninja skillz to pop in and out of conversations at random.


  • #nodewar's resident pencil artist, and talented mofo.
  • is the only person in #nodewar who lives in South America.
  • master of the fabled QUOTEBOT.


  • #nodewar's resident huh...quote bot.
  • is the only person in #nodewar limited to 365 different lines (as per November 15th)
  • likes to liberate cheese in its free time.


  • Master of the MSPaint Freespace comics.
  • King of the Alt-Nicks.
  • Once invaded #nodewar with his many nude clones.
  • Has a strange fondness for bagels


  • The resident Swede.
  • Goes to sleep at funny times.
  • Is suspected of secretly driving a Volvo by T1g4h since he lives in the land of Volvos.


  • #nodewar's resident annoyance.
  • is famous (and extremely annoying) for ending and starting sentences with "..." (eg: "...I'm bored..." )
  • is one of the few Canadians in #nodewar (atleast he thinks he is)
  • is a War of the Worlds fanatic.


Popular Misspellings: nudewar*, nodwear

  • nudewar is now an IRC chan run by Interitus.

Links[edit] - Official Nodewar forums - Official Nodewar channel stats - Warpstorm community forum - Hard Light Productions

irc:// - Direct link to the channel - Interitus's website