Nome, Alaska

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Nome (French for "Nome") is the capital and largest city of Alaska.


Nome was founded in 1909 by a heard of reindeer who escaped from slavery at the hands of Santa Claus. By 1923, Nome had grown to become the largest city north of Toronto, with two houses.

Nome became the capital of Alaska in 1955, when it was moved from the town of Jupiter in the back of a station wagon.

In 2005 Alaskan senator Britney Spears lobbied to have a bridge built from Nome to Antarctica. This was canceled at the last minute, since Dick Cheney hadn't been given a big enough kickback.

The name was given when the entire population died, and then the word "Petersburg" was written all over the ground in their blood. A passing owl then coughed, and the cough sounded like "Nome".

Nome today[edit]

The Alaska State house is a world famous tourist attraction. The bel epoc skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright can be seen for hundreds of miles around. Constructed primarily of ice cubes and earwax, the genuine egg-roll windows were imported from Holland, and are cheerfully interlaced with genuine Steinway pinking planks in one of the best known examples of egg and batter architecture. Truly, Nome is a land of contrasts.