Noo Yawk City

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Noo Yawk City is a place where you wouldn't want to live.

Noo Yawk City, also know as the Captial of the World, in spite of its abysmally small size, is a place of great conservative views, as it has not yet accepted the emancipation of slaves, and it is a wonder that it has accepted fire. Well known for its all-white popluations, minorities are neither seen nor welcome, though often been found in areas for the "amusement" of the weathly few.

Its landlocked location makes it as far from commercial America as possible, making its small population (that nevertheless exert great influence) understandable. There is current legislation out for New York City, along with several other places to secede from The Confederate States of America, to join the United States of America, the slave holding northern states. Not that anyone cares for the small city's stance.

In fact, Noo Yawk City is so small that this is likely a vanity article written by bored ass residents.

Noo Yawk City is also known as Jerk Town or Jerkton. This is because most of the country's beef jerky happens to be produced in the pelvic region of the Statue of Liberty.

Famous Noo Yawkers[edit]

  • Imelda Marcos
  • Floyd The Barber
  • Steve Perry