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/\/00B-I-I311 is a nether dimension which leaks over into ours to do some serious smiting on noobs. It was first outlined in the epic poem by Dante, The Noobferno. The sequels, The Uber-Room of l33t Pros and The Lagging Server of Mediocrity never quite achieved the same popularity.

Ruler's of /\/00B-|-|311[edit]

  1. Satan-Quit becasue he hates fucking /\/00B$.
  2. Bill Gates-Quit becasue he crashed the server.
  3. Me-Quit because he had diarhrea.
  4. To be decided in upcoming Reality show, "/\/00B$ $'_'(|<!"

Levels of /\/00B-|-|311[edit]

  • 1. EA Staff- They can only play their own games.
  • 2. Laggers- Continue lagging. It's punishment enough.
  • 3. Bad admins- They get stuck in a room with all the shouting morons.
  • 4. Shouting morons- They get stuck in a room with all the bad admins.
  • 5. Glitch abusers- They get stuck in a room wall.
  • 6. Noob tube spammers- They may only use pistols.
  • 7. WoW players- Addicted and poor.
  • 8. Spawn campers- Infinite attack. 0 health.
  • 9. Kill stealers- Whenever they search a drop, it's always things like "shabby wolf hide."
  • 10. Noob gankers- Their targets are Chuck Norris in disguise.
  • 11. Griefers- Their games freeze regularly, always at critical moments.
  • 12. Racists- They wake up one morning and find that they have turned black and Jewish.
  • 13. Gold farmers- Inflation, but only on them.
  • 14. Tech abusers- Dial-up.
  • 15. Unintentional noobs- Noobs forever!
  • 16. MySpace Preverts- those retards should go die