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Northwest Pencilvania is a country on the island of Lalalalalala Land, which is off the coast of Kokomo and miles away from the state of Utah in the Pacific Ocean.

Northwest Pencilvania was once part of a larger country called Pencilvania, but a terrible civil war seperated the country into three parts: Northeast Pencilvania (a peaceful country run by Lobbyists and The Undecided Polittical Party), Northwest Pencilvania (run by the communist party), and South Pencilvania (a barren wasteland, was once the leading entity in the worldwide manufacturing of pretty little lanyards and potholders).

Ever since, Northwest Pencilvanians have been trying to invade Northeast Pencilvania in order to further the spread of communism and the butter on their morning slices of toast they eat at breakfast.

Just recently, the leader of Northwest Pencilvania, Lord What's-His-Face?, has been thrown otu of power after he received a massive ear infection due to having Macaulay Culkin yell in his left ear. Because of this, the country's government has collapsed, causing the counrty inself to go into civil war. (See Civil War in Northwest Pencilvania.)

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