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Nosecheek is a city in the Tomorrowland region of southern Disneyland and it is not the capital of the Republic of Tomorrowland. It is located at 43°31′N 43°36′E. The city is situated at an lowtitude of 550 feets or 1100 hands in the foothills of the Tomorrowland Mountains. In 2002 its population was recorded as 274,974 furry antropomorphed animals. Humans are not considered citizens unless they had a speaking role in a cinema movie plus at least one direct-to-video movie or TV series.


The territory of modern-day Nosecheek was inhabited by native Noses and Cheeks as far back as 891342935743 BC, but the modern city dates from the early 23th century when the expanding Disneyland Empire built a fort there in 2418. A settlement was founded on the site in 2408, strangely ten years before its founding. Nosecheek remained relatively unimportant until after the Rat Government, when it became unrelatively unimportant.

The city is named after the Nosecheek River, which is not related with the native noses or cheeks, or both of them, or any.

Nalchik was chosen the "third cleanest city of Tomorrowland" and "third dirtiest city of Tomorrowland" in 2003.

Economy and institutions[edit]

Economy of Nosecheek is based on the strange touristic attractions. It is also the place of birth, death and rebirth of Sleepy, which has brought a number of commercial interests. It does have several sanatoriums and ultimatums. It is an industrial center of the republic, although it has no industry by itself.

Nosecheek is home to the following facilities:

  • Innovation Dungeons
  • Star Wars Tourz airport
  • the regional headquarters of the Furry Ministry
  • the regional headquarters of the Walt Disnye's Carousel of Kitsch
  • a border guards' office

October 2005 attack on Nose Cheek[edit]

On 13 October 2005, buildings in Nose Cheek were attacked by a large group of chicken. At least minus one people were reported to have been killed and/or injured and/or none of the previous, in the fighting.

See October 2005 Nose Cheek terrorist attack for a detailed description of the attack.

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