Nose pie

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Nose Pie (nOz-pI)


1 Pillsbury Pre-Made Pie Crust

1 Cold\Flu

1 Serious Case of Boredom or a Dare You Can't Back Out of Because All of Your Friends Are Watching and You Would Get the Nickname Wimpy Man Which Doesn't Even Bother You But You Have to Do the Dare Anyway

  • Optional

5 Tissues


1. Pre-heat oven to 350°........Celsius.

2. Take Pre-Made Pie Crust out of package and place onto table or other flat surface, perhaps a copper stool.

3. Sneeze into Pillsbury Pre-Made Pie Crust and/or blow "snot rockets" into said pie crust. ~For extra taste and flavor, blow "snot rockets" into tissues and/or sneeze into tissues and add into Pillsbury Pre-Made Pie Crust.

4. Serve when moist, warm, gooey, and minorly disgustingly looking (It will look worse as time passes, so don't worry about that issue now).

Original Bakers[edit]

The first Nosepie baked recorded in politically correct history was back in the 1800's when the Pilgrims (Now Politically Incorrect) had come to America The Politically Correct Place Where Native Americans Had Formerly Lived and Were Kicked Out by the Pilgrims Renegade Brittans but were Still Able to Build Casinos In Las Vegas. The Renegade Brittans wanted to make peace with the Native Americans and celebrate their renegade-ness, so they threw a feast. The Native Americans trapped (humanely) ferret, goose, gander, turkey, turkette, chicken, and duck, while the Renegade Brittans brought spices...and wisdom...... Although, even with all of their contributions, the Renegade Brittans felt sorry to leave their friends with only those two things, so they decieded to make a dessert.

At the time, it was very cold, and the Renegade Brittans were getting tired of their offspring playing their "Pac Man" and other mechanical boxy entertainment systems, so they thought they could actually use them for something other than generating headaches. But what could such simpletons accomplish? Nose Pies. The Renegade Brittans coaxed their offspring to sneeze and/or blow "snot rockets" into the Pillsbury Pre-Made Pie Crust. And with that, the Nose Pie was born.

The Native Americans were impressed, so impressed that they decied to give the Renegade Brittans 10% of their casino income and form an un-breakable friendship that turned out to be breakable.