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Not Another Teen Movie IS Another teen movie from Jim Henson. It follows the evolution of mankind. The movie stars Jim Carrey, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Bob Barker and Fox Newton.


The opening begins with a girl in a black dress. She comes down from the stairs and suddenly the stairs crash. She falls into the basement and dies. A piano, box of jelly, bowl of chili and a universum falls onto her. She says:I are OK!. Jim Carrey comes to the scene and jumps onto the girl. Bob Barker turns on the Telly Belly. Out comes Fox Newton. He talks to George Washington. Bill Clinton comes to the scene. He has a mouth. Bill Clinton jumps on the girl and Jim Carrey pops. 0MG! y0u p0p!, says Billy T3hsc3n3.

40 days after killing 10 (tenty) people by Jim Carrey, Mac Macin Macy Macy's Mare of Nights and Moovl comes and jumps off a cliff. For some reason, she survives and people die before. Whoopdie! After minutes and minutes and MINUTES of death, pi is excecuted and people see: 3.14=poo!!!!!!111. Later after that, a boy comes and reads a book written in gurgloid. He reads: Gurgle is this becky inch. I seen betterd bewk in Los Angeles and pebble have bean eething me. Gurgle is Homsar'n proventofee langoich. In translation: Gurgloid is the language this book is in. I've seen better books in San Francisco and people have been eating me. Gurgloid is Homsar's proven-to-ne sandwich.

Another boy comes and goes 0pw4rdz! He swims 0pw4rdz and finally sees light in the endless tunnel of water that is before him, in both meanings, which are front and in back. Paris Hitman comes from Underground Cave 3: Return of the Hitgirl. People die in front of her and many ask, why she is so scary to-night, but can't because he scares them off before they can ask. The mayor comes and references to 0u7z1d3 or outside. Paris "The Hitman" Taylor attacks Paris Hitman and they join to being pure energy and force killing eachother in an endless, mindless cube of force that is powerful than man. ~Strong Sad


  • Trivinay means trivia in gurgloid.
  • Bill Clinton's mouth is minimized psychonuclearly 5543 times on the photser
  • Bob Barker's teeth are also psychopoo-clearly abused 5 times.
  • Bolt means Plague.
  • Gurgloid was invented in 1911 by Homsar, DUH!


Gurgloid is live engleash, onlu junger. Gurgloid is like english, only younger. Gurgloid is the language used by n00bs and people who are too lazy to write full w├Ârds.

Gurgloid on this page[edit]

  • I are OK! - I am un-OK!!!!!111
  • 0MG! y0u p0p! - Amy's mom! You suck!
  • Photser - Poop

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