Nuclear War on the Dancefloor

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Nuclear War on the Dancefloor is a nuclear war that was fought from 1972 to 1978. The reason was a dispute between what dance had to be the significant dance of the 70's. The war was fought with nuclear weapons because there were plenty at the time and it was not yet known what bad effects radioactivity has on the human body.


In the seventies, there were two main dances: Lince Dancing and Interpretive Dancing. These dances each had their own group:

Two members of the Interpretive Dancing Alliance

there was the LDA, or Line Dancing Alliance and the IDA, the Interpretive Dancing Alliance. The entire world was divided in either one of these camps, and rivalry was high. Each style had their own clubs.

The War[edit]

All went wrong in 1972 when the leader of the IDA, John Travolta, took some Nuclear Weapons to the dancefloor of the biggest LDA club. Upon entering the LDA building, John Travolta started making threats to use the weapons in his pockets to completely destroy the main LDA club. He was taken out by a quick move of a LDA-member, and when that news hit the IDA, they declared war on the LDA.

The IDA had, since its establishment in 1970, always held the strict code that each new member was to learn the art of Guerilla Warfare. When the war came in 1972, all members embarked on their missions to fight the LDA guerilla style. The LDA however had informants installed all along, and was ready for this day to come. They contacted the Pentagon to get some Nuclear Weapons, and held out until early 1978.

The Final Stand[edit]

After more than five years of fighting, both organizations grew tired and in the beginning of 1978 there was a brief truce, lasting only two months. Both organizations were heavily planning their next moves in the war to begin anew, and it was the IDA that proved to be the most effective one. When the LDA was just about to set out for a new mission, some IDA spies headed off to the main LDA-building and stole every Nuclear Weapon there. It was with these weapons that the IDA would end the war, for in the spring of 1978 the marched up to the main club of the LDA and threw all weapons they had on the building. All people present in the building survived and the leader of the IDA was heard to have said:

“And that was for John Travolta”

~ IDA chief on bombing the main LDA club

The IDA took control of all the LDA clubs and obliged everybody to Dance Interpretively.

The End of the IDA[edit]

Sadly for the IDA, two years the end of the final stand was the beginning of a new decennium, bringing a new way of living. This caused the IDA to its demise, and in 1981 the demise of the IDA was faster than the speed of light.

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