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"The maths quiz that simply everyone is talking about." Originally premeired on That Mitchell and Webb Look in the UK, Numberwang took the game show industry, and yes, even politics and off shore whaling by storm

Recent Contestants[edit]

Julie who is from Somerset who does have hobbies down in Somerset.

Simon who is from Somerset who does not have hobbies down in Somerset.

Julie who is from Northampton who does have funny stories to tell.

Simon who is also from Southampton who does not have funny stories to tell.

Julie from Durham appearing in the 9,341st episode of Numberwang.

Simon from space appearing on Numberwang's 9,341st birthwang.


There is some debate as to the exact rules of Numberwang. Most scholarly sources believe that Numberwang's rules are rooted in that of Calvinball. Most uneducated, illiterate folk think that you need a life, and that the rules of Numberwang don't really matter, and that Numberwang rules.


Each episode is divided up into several rounds as indicated by the announcer. Each episode could consist of any, all of, or none of the rounds listed below.

  • Numberwang - contestants pick numbers attempting to get Numberwang.
  • Double Numberwang - same as Numberwang except all points are double or negative double, depending.
  • Imaginary numbers - contestants pick imaginary numbers until one misses Numberwang.
  • Numberbounce - contestants bounce on the Numberlines, picking numbers and trying to get Numberwang. If successful, they take a number from above their heads and continue until time on the clock runs out.
  • Numberscoff - contestants pick numbers trying to get Numberwang. If they are sucessfull they get to consume an edible number trying to find Numberwang.
  • NumberFlan - contestants pick numbers, whoever gets Numberwang gets to put a Flan over their own head.
  • Maxboard Numberwang - contestants pick numbers trying to match Numberwang with the numbers on the Maxboard.
  • Round three Maxboard Numberwang - same as Maxboard Numberwang, except advanced maths are involved.
  • Wangernumb - the exciting round where the board is rotated! Contestants pick numbers in an attempt to get Wangernumbed. Intonation is important in this round. The winner is awarded Numberwang.
  • Deathwang - In the event of 3 days passing without a Numberwang, this sudden death round will award Numberwang to the winner. The winner is the contestant who dies first.


  • Numberwang Bonus - triple Numberwang to the contestent that finds it
  • Belchwang - double number points awarded during Numberscoff

What Numberwang is not[edit]

Similiar shows[edit]

  • Wordwang - the spin-off with a difference. And that difference is words.
  • Das ist N├╝mberwang - purportedly a German rip-off of Numberwang which is focused on humiliating non-german speakers.