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The Nutcracker refers to a squirrel's teeth. random note : In England the Red Squirrel is endangered cause its cousin the Grey Squirrel from america has the bigger Nutcracker. In Other Words the americans has the bigger Nutcracker.

The Nutscracker[edit]

The alternative meaning of the nutcracker refers to an American(always them Americans, damn) serial killer who uses a hammer to disable the function of his male victims' 'nuts' or otherwise known as testicles. He has committed this despicable offense of nutcracking many times, and is therefore referred to also as the Nutscracker with a pointless extra 's'. He was captured by police in 1884, and guys could finally let go of their nuts for a while. It was a huge relief to the male population in the U.S. The nutscracker died in prison in 1887. His legacy was dramatized in the play by the guy who wrote Swan Lake.