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A Nyamo, after using a car
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Sauropsida
Order Crocodilian
Family Varanidae
Genus Homo
Species Only this one
Binomial name
Minamo Kurosawa
Primary armament 5
Secondary armament 3
Power supply AGT-1500 multi-fuel turbine engine, Honeywell LV100-5 turbine engine 1500 hp (1119 kW)
Health 63
Mana 1500
Strength 20
Intelligence 16
Weight varies
Length ~1,8m
Special attack braincrap-like attacks
Conservation status

The Nyamo are a very rare species, that looks like a human, but in fact, they're not. One thing to note is that there's only one Nyamo within the whole mother fucking universe. Whil have the abality to reproduce self, but show me one idiot, who would like to make love with a nyamo.


Nyamos usually live up to OVER 9000 years. They are about 5-6 feet tall and have blue hair and eyes. An adult Nyamo weighs 120-140 pounds (54-63 kg) while a child Nyamo weighs about 20-60 pounds (9-20 kg)[citation needed]. Nyamos (well, the Nyamo) live(s) in Japan, along with orher bizarre stuff, like Osakans, grues, etc.


When the Nyamo wakes up, she does her morning routine and teaches at Mr. Cool Guy High School. After the 6 hours of teaching, she goes back home and ends the day. Sometimes, if she's up for it, she'll drink a few beers and walk around naked to do some whoring.


A Nyamo was once a star on the Anime Azumanga Daioh. In a deleted scene she was Kimura and a few of the boys. Mr. Azuma just had to be a douche and take out all the hot 53X.

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