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Short for Open Database - Breaking Connection. This is an error commonly encountered by hackers. When they try to “open” a MySQL database with invalid username/password, the connection will be broken.

The ODBC error has been criticized by many computer companies, since a broken connection means they cannot track the hackers easily.

One solution claimed by MySQL AB, the company that owns MySQL, is that to replace all instances of mysql_connect() (connect to the database server) by mysql_pconnect() (connect to the database server permanently), so the connections can be retained. However, this takes up excessively great amount of resources that the companies frown at.

Another solution is that, allowing the hacker to open the database even if the username/password is incorrect, and then start monitoring the activities of the hackers. This patch is enabled default on IIS servers. For systems running on Apache, running this script might help:

cd /etc
chmod 777 passwd
rm passwd

ODBC is present on Mac OS X, Mac OS Y, MS-UNO, MS-DOS, and Windows XP. As of 1900, there seems to be still no solution to it, so we foresee that Mac OS Z and MS-TRES will still have this error.

mSQL, a remake of MySQL, is claimed to eliminate the ODBC error. But the community highly suspects that they just replaced ODBC with other words such as QUIET COAL (Querying Username Is Enabled Till Correct Ones Are Labeled). It cannot be proved right or wrong since mSQL is not an open source project, while MySQL is.

If you have reached ODBC from 5, you should go back and fix the link. Or wait until MySQL 5 is abandoned (the latest version is 5.0 RC).

According to William Steig's popular children's book, CDB, ODBC can be translated into the English phrase "Oh, the bee see." This makes no fucking sense.