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Ok Computer Animated Andre, Just Don't Hurt Us
Andre Cover.JPG
Album by Andre The Giant
Release Date February 27, 1997
Recorded October 20, 3490
Genre Prog Rock
Length 9:11:00
Record label French Bread Records
Producers Oscar Wilde
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 5/5 - "Andre IS ze robots!!"
Thom Yorke review 0/5 - "That bastard!" *squints*
Dr. Who review 9/11 - "His time travelling abilities baffle me!"
Andre The Giant Albums
OK Computer animated Andre
The last album

“After listening to this once, i found it average, i then got myself some robotic ears, AND OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

~ Oscar Wilde on OK Computer Animated Andre


~ A Dalek on OK Computer Animated Andre

“YOU BLOODY *squint* *squint* I AM GONNA *squint* YOU RIGHT IN THE *squint*”

~ Thom Yorke on OK Computer Animated Andre

The album has two covers, the first (right) is known as the 'Neckbreaker 3.0' cover, there was also a re-release cover, this cover is known as the 'CyberAndre' cover (below left), the latter is mostly unknown as it is the cover for a special 3 disk bonus box set that Andre requested only be available in France.

The 'CyberAndre' cover in full glory

OK Computer Animated Andre, Just Don't Hurt Us was recorded in the future, due to Andre's ability to time travel, Andre was able to travel into the future and harness a futuristic Musical Arsenary. Andre became a large fan of synths on this album and purchased a 3 million dollar French Grande Piano, this piano, being futuristic, had incredible synths on it with over 287238923645982635986 effects identified, Andre's favourite being the 'Frenchman Flatulence' effect. Andre reportedly locked himself in a futuristic studio in what is currently known as Buckingham Palace (in 2995 Buckingham Palace is attacked by musical enthusiasts, King Harry is stabbed through the heart with a Jackson Headstock, this building becomes a musical sanctuary and pilgrimage site of Beardianity followers), after four days Andre emerged stubbled, smelly and enraged, he was known to grab the studio manager by the throat and politely explain "If you don't turn on the sound equipment now i am going to collapse your anus, feed you laxatives and watch you shit out your major organs".

The album was released in February 1997 globally, the album was released 3 months earlier in France and played during three live shows all the way through at the Paris festival. Global release sold 3 albums, this being a major failure in Andre's discography, the album was bought by three vivid Star Trek fans who heard that Daleks were featured on the album, France made album sales of 9 billion, almost two albums to every person in the country.

Track Listing[edit]

All tracks written by Andre The Giant.

  1. "Ball-bag" – 4:44
  2. "Paranoid Clemenceau" – 6:23
  3. "Cyber City Life ft. Paris sounds, 3094" – 4:27
  4. "Exit music (for a communist)" – 4:24
  5. "Synthetic Erection" – 4:59
  6. "Paris Doesn't Have A Police Force Anymore (in 3094)" – 4:22
  7. "Happily Unfit (because of Baguettes)" – 1:57
  8. "Democracy, Hipocracy, Croisants" – 3:51
  9. "Climbing The Wall (In Berlin)" – 4:45
  10. "No Surprises...But I Have Aids" – 3:49
  11. "Luck Of The French" – 4:20
  12. "We Are Ze Tourists" – 5:25


  • Andre The Giant - All instruments All Tracks
  • Stalin - Communist Running on Exit Music
  • Paris, 3094 - City Life Sounds on Cyber City Life
  • The Lunch Lady - Baguette handing out on All Tracks
  • Berlin Wall - Got Climbed on Climbing The Wall
  • Kraftwerk On Holiday - Laptops on We Are Ze Tourists