Operation Black Flag

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“I was there, and boy those whores were the stuff. And I had no part in the attack you goddamned liberals!!! ”

~ George "Dubya" Bush


Operation Black Flag was an attempted assault and takeover of Tokyo by American Christian supremacist militias on July 27th, 2006. It was coordinated by Klan grand wizard Frankson Dobbes, a popular leader amongst those on the far-right wing. The hope for a successful operation was that it would restore moral rule to the dark and hellish of Japan and help the oppressed white gaijin there. There was also a hope that Anime and Manga would stop coming to American shores and corrupting the minds of American youth.The operation began with a Sarin gas attack on the Shinjuku Subway line by Squad 1, with the other squads taking up positions around the city.Explosion shattered the incredibly large Tokyo Metropolitan government buildings by some truck bombs, and various offices and universities were assaulted and taken. Also, the Meiji Shinto Shrine and all other non-Christian places of worship were completely decimated and all there were brutally slaughtered. Crosses were erected in the rubble. An unusually large amount of whore houses and nightclubs were firebombed in the city. All tarts had their throats slit, and many were murdered in the middle of "work". Public schools were also assaulted, the militias seeing them as cesspools of the moral "inferiority" of the Japanese. Around 50000 soldiers were involved in the attack, most came in sneaking by ship, some even managed private commuter jets, courtesy of the CIA(but the man won't tell anyone that). Weapons such as AR-15s, AK-47s, Uzis, 9mm Glocks, LAW rocket launchers, SAWs, carbines, 12-gauge combat shotguns, various poisonous gases, fertilizer bombs, and other explosives were extensively used in the attack.

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The operation failed after the JSDF routed the militias and killed the commanding officers. However, thousands were killed and much damage was done to Tokyo. Many say the city will never be the same. The standoff lasted around fifteen hours. Gaijin were lynched and beaten as angry homeless Japanese mobs took to the streets in the days following the attack. Japan banned Christianity and declared war on the USA. America responded with a payload of nuclear weapons unbeknownst to mankind. Japan became America's personal parking lot, with giant Wal-Mart resulting, which is now a popular tourist destination.


Many say the CIA coordinated the attack in order to protect the American economy from unfair competition from Japanese automakers. Some Japanese were reported as having seen US Army Rangers storming Japanese police stations. All this is denied by top US officials, who wouldn't care anyway considering now former Japan is home to world's largest Wal-Mart.

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militiaman firing into Shinjuku whorehouse


Nuclear attack on Tokyo by US Air Force after Japanese declaration of war
Local Tokyo prostitute Yuki Mamodo said she "was so scare when miritia attack...I was doing small hand job when happen...."
schoolgirls like this were said by the right-wingers "exemplifying Japanese immorality" Look at these girls, with their incredibly short skirts!!! This is surely against God! Thats why we destroyed it, I mean them..."
popular propaganda poster used during the Second American-Japan "War"
Japanese in fear of being killed while being held hostage