Original Secret Nazi Forest

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The Original Secret Nazi Forest is where all other Secret Nazi Forests branched from.

It is a formation of trees that turn yellow in autumn bringing out a nice swastika from overhead.


The Original Secret Nazi Forest was founded in Germany during WWI so that Germans could have a place to mock Jews without getting yelled at by their Commander to get back in the trenches.

Eventually, by the time WWII rolled around, the 1940s-Neo-Nazis found out about it, and took over, using it as a stronghold against Americans.

After Hitler had been abolished, the lazy Americans did not destroy it because they were busy beating up the French guys at camp.

It was finally found by Lumberjacks and destroyed in 2005.


Since the destruction of the Original Secret Nazi Forests the backbone has been destroyed and Nazis flock to new locations.

However, while the lumberjacks are out destroying other ones, Hitler 2 has sued Germany for eminent domain over the land. The trial has now reached the American Supreme Court, and will be tried after it deems it constitutional to take on other coutries' affairs.

The Jews also have sued Kentucky Fried Chicken over this saying, "We don't know what we're suing you for, but whatever it is, it's anti-semetic and involves Secret Nazi Forests."

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