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MAXIMATOM: The Plastic Fist of the Law!

Osamu Tezuka (1928-1984) was a renowned cartoonist and animator. After finding some small success in his native Japan, in 1952 Tezuka was kidnapped by Stone Studios (in collusion with Megatexas authorities) and imprisoned in the slave-city of Walt, where he was employed as an animator, artist, photo improvement specialist, and documentary illustrator until his death. His work frequently appears on MTXTV.

When Stone Studios closed in 1984 Tezuka was liquified and reprocessed. He left behind a legacy of more than 80,000 pages of manga, most of which looked more or less the same. This is an achievement that will most likely never be matched, especially since it was made illegal to take credit for an assistant's work.

Notable Work[edit]

Maximatom - The people's favorite! Considered to be the epitome of Japanese entertainment, Maximatom is a half-naked nine-year old boy robot who fights evil and enforces the law. He protects the peace...with violence!!!

Atlas the Lion - A mighty lion rejects intellectual decadence and the tyranny of the weak, and leaves the jungle in disgust and disrupts the natural order. This forces the weaker creatures to beg him to come back and eat them again, so that life can return to normal.

Buddha Two Indian boys take turns peeing on each other.

Ode to Kirihito Furries, and the women who love them, and the men who rape the women who love them. Why the library has this in the kid's section I'll never know.

Felonious Follies Real-life criminals face hilarious prosecutions, and dramatically appropriate executions.

Krypton, Mon Amour The approved story of the Megatexan colony on planet Krypton.

the Phoenix Saga An epic attempt to map the limits of confusion and delay the author's desire for gender-reassignment surgery.

Tezuka also produced a number of technical and medical manuals, as well as high-class erotic art.

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