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The two major exports: Books and potatoes

PEI, which stands for Potatoes Everywhere Imaginable, was the home country of Sophia before her emigration to Uncyclopedia in 2005.

For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about PEI.

The current prime minister of PEI is Jesus Christ and slave-girl Anne of Green Gables.

PEI is best known for:

  • potatoes
  • spuds
  • 'taters
  • claiming to be the birthplace of the 1867 Canadian confederation, even though it didn't join until years later
  • Crazy Asians who go and see if Anne of Green Gables was an actual person.
  • potatoes
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • tourism, mostly by Anne of Green Gables fans looking for the Cavendish, Prince Edward Island of the fictional novels.
  • a big-arse bridge with two lanes, one to bring Anne of Green Gables fans in, the other to bring potatoes out
  • more potatoes
  • The Span of Green Cables, informally known as the 'confederation bridge' or somesuch by the locals
  • potatoes
  • Their peaceful surrender of Idaho to the United States
  • having no street lites in its capital city
  • potatoes

The Confederation Bridge is approximately 14km (eight miles) long, due to the need to reach from ground level (on PEI's potato farms, not to be confused with Dan Quayle's potatoe farm) straight up to the city of New Brunswick, currently suspended in mid-air so that priests may offer unto it Last Rites with Extreme Moncton.

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