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'Oh My God' POW Block?[edit]

An ostrich startled by the sudden explosion and girly screech emenating from the direction of D. Kong.

POW Blocks were first created during a freak accident in which Mario of the famous Mario Bros. suddenly decided that instead of wrapping wasabi in seaweed he would instead be polite and throw several tons of it in a trash compactor and throw it at his man-hunk, Diddy Kong. He later found out that wasabi explodes on contact with primates and it's generally bad to eat raw, or maybe even with a little tuna. Unfortunately after what happened to Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong got really pissed off, pimpslapped Mario and took his phone number off of Diddy's speed dial. There was much weeping in the Toadstool Kingdom. Months later, in a related story, Mario began punching what he now called POW Blocks, in an attempt to own at Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, Mario is only semi decent and even with the might of POW Blocks he still weeped as soon as he saw badass Sheik walking (or perhaps running) his way, brandishing a rather large chain mace.

Mario later explained to the public that he is, sadly, a poor cook and really wasn't even thinking when he invented POW Blocks. He felt really stupid and issued a letter of apology to Donkey Kong and his new gay lover, Tom Cruise.

Pokemon and POW Blocks[edit]

In a related story, sometime after Mario got his ass wooped by Capt. Falcon, Gandalf, Bowser, Sheik, Mr. Game & Watch, and just about everyone else in SSBM, except Pichu who sucks ass because his attacks actually hurt HIMSELF, Mario released his secret technique for creating POW Blocks, a secret indeed before that day. He explained that by using a combination of badass wasabi and a kosher trash compacter, he made the first ever POW Block. Professors from all different versions of the videogame Pokemon flocked to the scene and suddenly announced that they would be mass-producing PokeBlock machines, which used much the same technique but with less harmful and annoying PokeBerries (or some stupid thing like that).

Following Lawsuits[edit]

Mario got sued by Styx for no apparent reason. Mario countersued for a vinyl record of "Come Sail Away."