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Page Bloatage[edit]

Page Bloatage is the act of adding unnecessary additions to an otherwise complete article to the point of creating database errors and bad tasting soup. It is near the antithesis of Page Blanking, such that

It is a favorite past time of people who are too lame to be vandals. Signs of page bloatage

Mock Turtle Soup[edit]

I'm happy for the turtles--but miss the extraordinary turtle soup I ate in my youth at the little grill across from Reading Terminal in Philadelphia (a reader has written in to remind me it was Kelly's Grill on 12th street--thank you!). Now that sea turtle meat is prohibited by law, this recipe makes a fair substitute. Interestingly, even when turtle meat was legal, it was terribly expensive. As a cheap substitute in the 18th century, therefore, recipes appeared in England that recommended the use of calf's head or even veal as being similar in taste and consistency. American cooks turned to beef or oxtails, when they couldn't get native turtle meat, and followed the British seasonings of allspice, sherry, and hardcooked eggs. Serve this meaty American version hot as a rich first course to 4-6 people, with little cruets of sherry on the side.

Page Bloatage[edit]

include off-topic sections, poor excuses

Bob is a Moron![edit]

I can't believe how much of a moron my co-worker Bob is. Now I'm going to show how important I am by posting a funny picture that I stole form someone more inventive than myself.

I.M. Lame Presents...

Page Bloatage[edit]

for commentary and satire, and an unbelievable sense of >>


Page Bloatage[edit]

>> discontinuity.

Famous Page Bloaters Through History[edit]

1. God - Let's face it, he made WAY to much stuff. I mean seriously, how are we supposed to index all this useless crap? We mean besides Wikipedia

2. Julius Caesar - Turned a small, successful, Roman cult into a behemoth of useless bureaucracy and orgies.

3. Oscar Wilde - Wrote opinions on everything every created. First human to index more information than God. (See # 1)

Nobel Physics Laureates, 1979[edit]

"for their contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including, inter alia, the prediction of the weak neutral current"

Sheldon Lee Glashow, Abdus Salam, Steven Weinberg

1/3 of the prize	 1/3 of the prize	 1/3 of the prize

USA Pakistan USA Harvard University, Lyman Laboratory Cambridge, MA, USA International Centre for Theoretical Physics Trieste, Italy; Imperial College London, United Kingdom Harvard University Cambridge, MA, USA b. 1932 b. 1926 d. 1996 b. 1933

More Information on Page Bloatage[edit]

For more information on page bloatage, simply add uselees crap to every wiki page you can find, and bask in the glowing comments of your contemporaries.

See Also: Vandals, Page Blanking, God