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PainAcre is a city in South Holland (Zuid-Holland), the Netherlands, located halfway between Rotterdam and The Hague. Next to the city of Duft.


When in 1302 crime in Duft reached a peak some of the prisoners where relocated a few miles away from Duft to the workcamp of PainAcre. These prisoners were forced to work in the silicium-mines; this silicium was used to create glass houses. Prisoners lived in these houses, that way Duft officials could keep an eye on them. When, trough a loophole in Duft law, a prisoner, Nikki de la Place, started cultivating roses in his house things changed in PainAcre. The plants grew exponentionally in a short time. With the vision of the Duft officials blocked they started a revolution, later known as The Revolution of the Roses. After a coup, PainAcre reached independence.


The ancestors of all inhabitants of PainAcre are criminals.


PainAcre's currency is the jetzer. As a colony of Duft the currency jetzer was kept. The PainAcre Jetzer is , in contrast with the Duft Jetzer, fairly strict in value. Till today a Harry is exactly one Jetzer.