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Pancho Pistolas was known to many as "The gringo Killer".

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Pancho Pistolas in his film "The death of a thousand gringos with one bullet and no gun"

Francisco Pistolas Reata, AKA Pancho Pistolas was known as the best Mexican to have all the gringo women raped, and yeah, i mean your mother and sisters.

Pancho was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico in 1924 by a Mexican Father El Diablo Pistolas, the fastest shooter in Mexico and Daisy Duck's sister Donna Duck in Tijuana after having a look at el Diablos dick, as any other gringo women has fallen in love with that piece of meat as a dirty bitch that she was.

Many people say that Pancho was related to Mario Almada and his brother, the best gunfihters in the world, Rey Misterio, Hawkman, Your Mom and Roy Rooster. (The only evidence known is from Roy, who calls him 'Uncle Pancho').

Panchito (The good looking one) likes to inflict pain toward any gringo motherfucker that he sees.

Mexican Fame[edit]

For a while, Pancho lived in a rancho in Chihuahua where he became in a real man, not a little gringo pussy like a lot of characters of the time, like superfag(AKA superman), mickey mouse, george bush senior, and a long, long, looooong list.

Later he went to Mexico City for fun, he went to a football game, looking his team the Club América beating the hideous usa national team, having the score 7-0, there he knew a producer of Televisa, and instantly became the new sensation, since there was a lot of great actors at the time he knew that he must travel to u.s. where the culture and knowledge of the people were so poor, that will let him sell them almost anything.

In 1944, Pancho Pistolas became famous for his role as Pancho Villa in the movie "Pancho Villa, striking down Columbus" in that historic film where the Greatest Mexican Hero Francisco Villa, enter the united (queer) states to prove them that he was the real deal, and to have killed a gringo that Villa didnt like very much. Pancho's next film was "The death of a thousand gringos with one bullet and no gun" where he would play the character just known as The Mexican, when Walt Disney saw this film and falled in love with the character, saying that it was a great portrait of the Mexicans and the gringos, that the first were infinty superior to the other ones, he asked if he can come to the united states to star in "The Three Caballeros". Panchito said 'ta weno, si me pagan $10,000 000 dls 'walt disney thought so, aboutlike 3 seconds and he was signed-on even though he never spoke English, cause he didnt need to, all of the cast learn to speak spanish as a symbol of respect and subordination to Pancho. (Known Fact: Panchito thaught spanish throughout the whole movie "The Three Caballeros" to his pal Donald Duck.)

Once the film tanked, Panchito went back to Mexico and became a succesful bussinesman, and bought a football team, called the "Vergas viola gringos" having a Cock as mascot but it lost his first game, later it won all of its games, specially against teams with gringos in it. Later he became a boxer and won many times.

Between 1945 and 1954, Pancho starred in many gringo Cowboy films (Mostly as The Mexican, the character that appeared in "The death of a thousand gringos with one bullet and no gun") which now have been destroyed for some reason (Some think that the films were too strong for the gringos and fag(almost the same) community to see).

Three Caballeros[edit]

As one of the three stars of The Three Caballeros, Panchito, Donald Duck, and Joe Carioca formed The Three Caballeros at Disneyland since Walt Disney had no performances on the first day of Disneyland's opened park. Once Capitol Records signed The Three Caballeros, they would be a hit band. However, Pancho would be in until 1964.

Once The Caballeros embraced the cult of manji, Pancho decided to go some other way, and he became a social fighter that defended the good causes and save children from pedophiles priests. he fought all over the world cause he considered all the people of the world as brothers and friends, except the gringos those ones can screw themselves to death.

After the fame...[edit]

Ay, Chihuahua! Mini-piñatas?

Pancho was also seen many times in America so he could scare the people cause the whole vision of the Mexican flag, all of the gringo community were scared to death, just like the gringo is normally scared with muslims, japanese, north koreans, iranians, and any other different cultures, but the diference was that they were scared of all of that, but to the Mexicans they show them a respect like no other, they almost turn to the mexican feet to pledge for mercy and spare their lives.

His main rival Speedy Gonzales would always take away his fame by being the fastest person in all of Mexico. But what Speedy never knew was that Pancho was the fastest shooter in all of Mexico and proved it in 1969 by shooting Speedy Gonzales.

Defeating the Death[edit]

2009 watched the rebuild of a hero... when some thougt that he was killed by that coward gringo army attack to Pancho Pistolas house, they were all wrong, cause he rise from the ruins of the house. preparing to have its revenge, revealing that he had two bullets, and unfortunately for the gringos motherfuckers... this time he had a gun.