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Paracles is an ancient mythological city, built on a floating island far above Nova Scotia. The inhabitants are known as human beings and breathe a substance known as air.

The city's main thoroughfare is called Paracles Street and it is littered with the bodies of Santa worshippers. The official religion is anti-santaism.

Tourist Attractions[edit]

The Museum of Boredom. It contains every single used handkercheif of George Bush. This priceless collection cannot be rivalled in the northern hemisphere.

The perpetual fairground. This features the forever spinning chipmunks. These conjoined chipmunks got into a fight over a peanut shortly after birth and have been spinning ever since. The Idiot's Tourist Guide says: 'If you love your bearded women, you will LOVE the perpetual fairground'.

The graveyard. Pretty dead most nights.


To reach the floating island, take the expressway just out of Nova Scotia, and drive vertically for 9 miles. Stop when you see the bodies of santa worshippers.