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Map showing Paradigm City's location
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Paradigm City is located east of the Usea Continent, It is a huge City-state (though it only takes up a quarter of the island on which it was established). The city is maintained and controlled by the monopolistic Paradigm Corporation. The city itself is divided into the higher-income population residing inside geodesic domes, and the remainder of the population, whether poor or not, living outside the domes. Beyond Paradigm City, there is nothing: a vast desert that expands down to the island's shoreline. The Union, a Nation that Paradigm have been at War with for some time, is located south of the island on which Paradigm City was built.

Each of Paradigm City's domes has its own "sun," a source of light that orbits along the outside of the dome which rises and sets just as the natural sun would. The old underground subway and maintenance systems were abandoned after the first War with the Union, since the first War, for reasons the Government have kept classified, everyone is afraid to go below the surface of the city. Many believe, that hidden secrets from both before the War and a time long passed lurk in these unexplored warrens. A large portion of the city is also submerged in the waters just off the eastern coast, due to a claustrophobic Earthquake that occurred in 1961.

Notable places[edit]

  • Paradigm Dome - The central dome of Paradigm City, the Paradigm Corporation's HQ is located here, as such it is effectively the Capital/centre of Paradigm City.


Founding/Establishment (1955)[edit]

Paradigm City was established in 1955 by Gordon Rosewater, the CEO and founder of the Osean based Paradigm Corporation. Gordon purchased the entire landmass of the now former Nation of the Henurich Republic, the country was suffering from major economic troubles at the time and they believed that Gordon's vision of "Paradigm City" would be the answer to their prayers...however...they were tragically mistaken.

Arrival of Paradigm City's first citizens[edit]

Following the city's establishment, the Paradigm Corporation broadcast news of their new "Utopia" like Nation across the World. People emigrated from all over the World, Belkan's, Osean's, Yuktobanian's and Ustian's made up a majority of the population though.

Creation Of the Paradigm City Military Police (PCMP)[edit]

Though a strong believer in Democracy, one element of Dictatorial leadership that Gordon liked was the idea of using the Military to maintain law and order. However, he also liked the standard conventional police force. He decided to have the 2 merged and as such, the Paradigm City Military Police were born. Vast numbers of tanks were shipped over from Osea, Yuktobania, Ustio and Belka, they had their Caterpillar tracks removed and were refitted with relatively standard (though larger than normal) tyres and sirens. Several Osean police cars, SWAT trucks and prisoner transport trucks were shipped over and repainted as well, as such the PCMP consists of a mixture of Military and standard police vehicles, the PCMP's uniforms are somewhat of a middle-ground between police and Military ones. Paradigm City is the only Nation in the World to have a police force that double up as it's official Military.

The Paradigm City Military Police

The "Paradigm Purge" (1957)[edit]

Many of the promises Gordon had made to the Government of the Henurich Republic had not been fulfilled an as such, the Henurichian sect of Paradigm's population began to grow restless and take anti-(Paradigm Corporate) Government leanings to heart. Several Henurichian citizens joined anti-Paradigm Corporation groups (some more Militant than others), and began to carry out terrorist actions in order to try to cause Paradigm City to collapse. Gordon was outraged that the people of the Henurich Republic were trying to destroy his glorious city and as such deemed them unfit to live in it. The Military Police stepped into their role as Paradigm City's conventional Military after Gordon ordered that Paradigm be purged of the "undesirable Henurichian dogs". Officers of the Military Police were ordered to either round up and arrest Henurichian citizens so that they could be shipped off execution or prison camps (where exactly these prison and execution camps were is unknown) or to alternately, execute them on the spot.

Vast numbers of Henurichian people were killed, but a fairly large group were able to escape the city, make their way across the desert, acquire a boat and make their escape to The Union, upon arrival they informed it's Government of the crimes committed in, what was once, their Homeland.

A Paradigm City Military Police officer

War with the Union (1957-1958)[edit]

Upon first hearing of the slaughter that occurred in Paradigm City, The Union's Government did not care, it was only once they were aware of the vast amount of natural resources and ancient, forgotten stockpile of MegaDuces that they went to War with Paradigm City. Union forces were mass deployed to Paradigm, at first it seemed they would be victorious over Paradigm's forces...however, in the end, The Union's forces were driven back. Following the conflict the Union entered a state of Political isolation that it would not come out of until 1987.

Construction of Paradigm City's domes(1958-1959)[edit]

Following the conflict with The Union, Gordon became concerned about hazardous material that The Union may have released in the air, as such, out of paranoia, he had huge geodesic domes constructed over certain elements of the city, each one with an artificial sun and artificial weather generators.

Paradigm City Democracy (1958-1968)[edit]

Following the construction of the domes, Gordon began to rule Paradigm City as a Democratic country, the only Political freedom not allowed was the right to vote for a change of leadership, other than that, Paradigm's political freedom was equal to Osea.

Gordon's Retirement/Alex Rosewater's rule (1968-1999)[edit]

On July, 9 1968, an elderly Gordon Rosewater retired from the position as the Paradigm Corporation's CEO and as such also from the position of ruler of Paradigm City. His 18 year old son Alex was given the position of ruler of Paradigm City. Within 6 weeks the young man had been absolutely corrupted by power, he had decided that Paradigm should take its place as the dominant Superpower of the Earth. He began to form mammoth delusions of grandeur in his head.

The Paradigm City-The Union "Cold War"(1987-1999)[edit]

The Union finally emerged from Political isolation in 1987 and deployed vast numbers of spies into Paradigm City in order to try and weaken it from the inside. A notable agent that The Union sent in over the course of the war is Alan Gabriel.

The Unholy Alliance (January 1999 - June 1999)[edit]

From January 6, 1999 to June 2 1999, Paradigm City and The Union made pace after Alex leaned of the existence of Big Fau (One of the most powerful MegaDuces ever created) and that part of it was buried on their soil. Alex persuaded The Union's Government to assist him in gathering up Big Fau's body parts (that were scattered across the World) so that the 2 Nations could use it to gain dominance over the World together. After months of both sides working together, gather up Fau's body parts and having them secretly smuggled into Paradigm [1] , Alex ripped the treaty his Government and the Union's Government had drawn up together and announced his true intentions to use the power of Big Fau for himself. This obviously outraged The Union and the hostility between Paradigm City and The Union was rekindled.

The "New World"[edit]

After ending his Alliance with The Union, Alex tried everything to restore Big Fau before, ISAF, NATO or the UN became aware of his activities. He envisioned a "New World" with Big Fau being the means to enforce it. Paradigm's reconstruction department were able to rebuild Fau, but getting its internal systems to work was not deemed possible as the technology was built by an ancient civilisation with technology grander than anything we have today. This did not deter Alex though....for he was aware of a man whom had an understanding of the ancient yet advanced technology....a criminal by the name of Jason Beck.

By promising Beck a pardon if he cooperated, the alternative being execution if he did not, Alex was able to gain his assistance in the restructuring of Fau's internal systems. After this Alex planned to destroy Paradigm City and every country in the World so that he could rebuild the World to his liking. Luckily Beck double crossed him and Big Fau system's shut down during a battle with Paradigm City's mysterious guardian, Alex was destroyed along with Big Fau and Paradigm City was finally free.