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Party Princess Palace is a legally incorporated business based in what is now known as the Falkans. Created in 1948 as a grassroots civil rights organization under the name "Fronta Isola della Principessa del Partito," it was a haven for political refugees after the fall of Mussolini's rule.


Two Lieutenants from Germany's Sturmabteilung, or Storm Division, began widening the berth of traffic so that more refugees could seek shelter and escape persecution. The individuals involved in the organization no longer have any fascist, Nazi, or other political ties, they are merely an association of friends.

Fronta Isola della Principessa del Partito slowly dissolved and fraternal bonds divided members by common alliance, not malice. B.O.N.E.R. was a secret exploration into the mystic arcane prehistoric arts, much like the Manhattan project. Shrouded in secrecy, their rituals were never brought to the light of day, and continue to be a mystery. Much of their lore revolves around a shadowy figure known as John Galt, as described later in "The Mystery of Galt."

The next major formation was the military-industrial complex forged by Chief Sintini Taxanomicon, or "Baron St. Axe" as he is known. His brigade of fierce fighters were known by their nickname "The Surf Nazis (who were the basis for the campy 70's movie series called Surf Nazis)," but their formal title was simply Surf. Chief Sintini himself was given the title Chief after succesfully demonstrating his impeccable skill on the waves surrounding Surf Swej City.

The capital city, Surf Swej, is a small elaborate array of catwalks that interconnect to the founding fathers' homes. Here is where the following citizens make their bed:

  • Wilhelm Sunii "Kaaos" von Admin
  • Eleanor der Menschenfreund Peauntier, "Prince of Peaunica"
  • Linquist von Phizzle, also known as "Sir Phizzle the Spud of Wrath"
  • Johnothan "Glat" Galt
  • Stephen Torrissimo-Gaiwod, also known as "Stephus the Tyrant"
  • Matteus (the Fattus) Klik-Shteubellstein
  • Antonio Nubletinni, also known as "Vexation Without Representation"
  • Il Padron, also known as "Wraith di Tokyo," no known birthname
  • Chief Sintini Taxanomicon
  • Count Terro di Awpusconi
  • Masyrniana von Girlypants the Third
  • Reichschancellor Farquad V. Zakath
  • Abe Strachtzun III
  • Simplex Bootex of the 534th Flying Footware Brigade
  • Capitan Zapatos Complicados


Currently the island can only hold a maximum of 32 persons (no animals allowed) although plans are being made to expand a system of engineered bridges to allow dual citizenship in the neighboring islands of Texas Fun House and some lesser evolved primitive areas.

System of Government[edit]

The Island runs via a direct Dictatorship with no status as a legal citizen possible. It is at the whim and discretion of the Board of Elders whether you may reside on the Island or even be addressed. Some citizens live a lifetime of solitude, being rendered mute via rather inhumane forcible surgery. However, all residents are happy to have a home and respect their Board of Elders, considering them to be the pinnacle of societal hierarchy.


Only one photo exists, taken shortly after the public parade in honor of Mikhail Kalishnikov. Seen in the center is the cityscape painted in honor of the AK-47, the Islands' weapon of choice in home defense. On the left is the mayoral palace and on the right is the debter's prison. Many debters make a pilgrammage by attempting to slide down its steep incline, any survivors of this brutal practice are abdicated of all personal debt.

Capital city Surf Swej


In 1938, when the first of the immigrants landed on the shores and founded Fronta Isola della Principessa del Partito, much was to be said about the inception of a system of government, capital city, how neighbors and citizens should be addressed, and more.

The first words to be spoken upon landing were emblazoned across the sky at Csay Rock, the immigrant's landmark: "I'll just grab like 10 of the biggest ones." A modest remark from Wilhelm Sunii ("Kaaos") von Admin, concerning the need for suitable housing. Wilhelm immediately got to work installing the port of CsItaly, a friendly rendition of the Italian marketplace many of the immigrants had left upon fleeing their home.

As Wilhelm struggled to build the blossoming economy, the serf known only as "yamdankee" proceeded to badger him for his work ethic, fomenting the terse yet stinging barb "y da lagz," on day l0408121.log. You see, Isola della Principessa del Partito runs on a metric calender system that creates its own history, the land literally has no need for historians as it puts forth its very own "Codex Seraphinianus," or written numerically-chronologized history.

For this first infraction upon the grand Emporer and leader of the Board of Elders, yamdankee was smitten with a case of syphilus.

The Mystery of Galt[edit]

Endowed with a massively whale-like member, the most mysterious of the PPP brigade would be John Galt, who is known for both his graceful charms as a player of CS:S, and for his penchant for impressing the ladies with his, how should it be said? Endowment. Sadly, the man known only as "Galt" is quite fond of the male anatomy, and procreation therefore of his seed has been rendered impossible, unless men begin sprouting eggs.

John Galt, like many founding fathers of other nations, is riddled in mysteries and folklore. His first deed upon arriving was gracing the new world with his karaoke rendition of Queen's "Bicycle Race," which we still remember him for today.

The Heroicism of Poughkie L. Tinklespoon[edit]

Poughkie L. Tinklespoon was a heroic member of the ensemble until he criticized its existance and laughed at its charter. He soon fell into despair as his long addiction to illegal hallucinogenic contraband managed to get the better of his sense of judgement. He later became a pedophile. His original heroicism will be remembered as well as his violent clash with B.O.N.E.R. tactical president Matteus Klik-Shteubellstein.

The legend runs that Poughkie has never been seen by the human eye, and the merest glimpse is alleged to cause painful burning on the whip marks every PPP-elite has.

The Tale of Pistol Pwns and Geech[edit]

Pistol Pwns was sheriff of the island long before Sunii "Kaaos" Von Admin declared Swej the capital atop mount "no screaming like an idiot over HLSS" Pistol Pwns was sheriff of the then vigilante capital of Alivemetal, but his tale is one of the fable of Mount Alamut.

Mount Alamut was a furry fifedom for thieves and barnacles, in which Pistol Pwns resided. Il Padron one day challenged Pistol Pwns to a duel of wit, but was smitten thusforth grandiously with Pistol Pwns' menacing and razor-sharp intellect. He is now banned.

Legal Action[edit]

Currently, Fronta Isola della Principessa del Partito is taking legal action against its sister-state, Texas (or for the sake of brevity, "The Texas Funhouse." The state of Texas enraged the citizens of our Isle when they instituted a modified form of alimonial title registration, no longer allowing their residents to properly own land.