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Wait! Do not despair! You may be looking for Penata, a fun thing you whack sticks with.

A penyata is a gold (and sometimes pink) elephant. Since people keep killing it because its guts supposedly taste good (and are considered good luck when hung around the neck) it has been though to be extinct three times.

Pink Penyatas[edit]

Pink penyatas have four tusks and a habit of drowning themselves. Pink penyatas like dried fish. The pink penyata has one truck, but one apparently had a world record of eleven tusks.

Famous Explorer Sees Penyata[edit]

The famous explorer, John Smith, once encountered a pinyata.

I halted in the clearing. Then I heard a horrible was good...but bad...there it was! In the clearing! The pinyata (see footnote one) I brought out my Purple Vaporizer Zapper (see footnote two) and blasted it to bits. Then I got my Orange Vaporiser Zapper (see footnote three) to destroy the Green Moster which had appeared.

Pointless Note[edit]

Note: A pinyata is not to be confused with a peenyater, which is how it is pronounced in Welsh and can also be a exotic flavour of icecream.


Footnote One: In the olden days, it was spelt PINYATA not PENYATA. Footnote Two: This can be found on Planet ZebZeb Universe X World 13 Level 3938 Game 12 Footnote Three: This can be found on Planet ZobZob Universe Y World 39 Level 2931 Game 9