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"Note the tasteful styling cues"

The Perennial is a long-lasting brand of American automobiles. Built since the 1930s, the brand has enjoyed great success despite little change design-wise. It is available in two body styles: Station wagon, and station wagon with a two-tone paint job. Perennials are manufactured in two factories, one outside Detroit, and the other in northern Mexico.

It has been suspected that the Perennial brand is involved with the Zaibatsu crime ring, due to its conservative exterior, tough armor, and convenient easy-to-use gun mounts. The wagons are immensely popular in crowded urban areas and their suburbs. Scientists are baffled at the brand's insane success rate, saying that by the number sold, half the world's population should be driving Perennials and that "at this rate of production, thousands of units would have to be destroyed daily to keep up the pace."

The Perennial uses a 235-horse V6 giving power to the rear wheels. "This thing drives so smooth, I never miss any of my targets", remarks a satisfied customer,"I might actually pay for it next time."

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