Perverted Justice

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Jump to: navigation, search is an Oregon-based website run by TPKA Xavier Von Erck, also known as "Phillip Eide", "Our Lord Jesus Christ" and "hotslut13".

PJ was set up in 2004, with the goal of eliminating predators from internet chat rooms. Its members pose as young girls and boys, then encourage adults to hit on them and arrange meetings. Because the site's main objective is to fulfill the "covert seduction practicum" of secret agents prior to deployment overseas, all members are thus duly deputized law enforcement, although few, if any, have had any police training beyond ordering coffee and doughnuts for the midnight watch section. According to common sense, many members may also enjoy jerking off to the fantasy of role playing a 13 year old girl in an explicit conversation. The site even has an over-18s only section called "PJ wankers", where you can see the volunteers in action.

Since its launch, PJ has achieved 100 convictions, all of them disgusting perverts who have engaged in sexually explicit discussion with adult men and women.

"Xavier Von Erck"[edit]

"Xavier Von Erck", was allegedly born Phillip John Eide, however he claims that he changed his name to Xavier Von Erck, which some idiots believe. Few people have ever heard of Erck/Eide. According to a news story in a well-respected tabloid, the megalomaniacal sadist, Xavier von Erck, is actually an evil spirit which posses Eide's body, and moreover, that this possession model is the basis for his unpublished psychological study "On the Diabolical Etiology of Homosexuality, Rum-Running and Pedophilia." It is further posited that by seducing Eide into submission to the demon, Xavier is actually the brainchild of the web site he serves, not the other way around. Others say this is absolute rubbish because he went to College, which doesn't prove anything because he eventually dropped out. It is rumored that he often failed to research issues before he commented on them, something which he struggles with today, as evidenced by his recent campaign against Epifora.


Perverted Justice is funded by Dateline NBC, receiving consultation fees of up to $100,000. Despite these huge sums, PJ still need$ your help, so please donate today!

Paedophile activists[edit]

In September 2006, PJ began a campaign against paedophile activists, because one of them called Xavier some nasty names. Xavier immediately told on these nasty men and boys, which resulted in a severe spanking from blog and web hosts. In October, Perverted Justice decided to attack Epifora, an ISP which provides hosting for legal paedophile websites, including BoyChat and GirlChat. PJ, always being careful not to harass anyone, sent out dozens of repetitive, unsolicited e-mails to Epifora's upstream. These e-mails were clearly not spam, because they were attacking the paedos, which is completely legal, despite the law stating otherwise.

Public Reaction[edit]

PJ is infamous for its sensationalistic sting operations televised on Dateline NBC. While these stings have the meritorious side effect of boosting ratings by entrapping a random few who can be talked into meeting children for sex, their primary function is to boost von Eide's emaciated self esteem. (This course of treatment was probably recommended to Eide in a counseling session with a paedophilia specialist named Xavier to "keep him busy" to avoid dwelling on thoughts of being a loser dropout, although this speculation is founded in as little fact as Perverted Justice's assertions about pedophilia.) The public has reacted very angrily to these stings, regularly expressing their opinion, "OMFG, kILL These FUCKIN PAEDOS!!", on several pointless blogs and journals. Scientific law, as drafted and voted into effect by U.S. Congress and others, states that creepy child molesters accurately represent the reported 26.1% of the adult male population that "digs the young stuff," and the paedophile community in general, because everyone in a minority group is exactly the same.

The People of PJ[edit]

PJ has a forum membership of more than 40,000, including abuse survivors who want to kill everyone who has impure thoughts about a kid, as well as paedos who can't accept the fact that they also jerk off to the thought of their neighbor's 8 year old son in the shower.

PJ'ers are known to suffer from "cognitive distortions" similar to those of child molesters. They believe that every paedophile molests children, either because they molested children themselves or were molested as a child.

Preferential vs Situational PJ'er[edit]

A Preferential PJ'er is someone who attacks paedophiles because he is attracted to attacking them. A preferential PJ'er is usually in his 20s, has a bad moustache and lives in his mother's basement.

A Situational PJ'er is someone who attacks paedophiles because of his situation. Situations which may cause this behavior are homosexual or paedosexual attraction in the PJ'er, feeling like a total loser, or really having nothing better to do.

It has recently been noted that many PJ'ers are a mixture of the two, with PJ dictator Phillip Eide being the most obvious example.

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