Pet Piece of Paper

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A man is mercilessly savaged by several raged P.P.O.P.

Pet Piece of Paper is a terrible misnomer, as this creature (with possible relations to paper) is by far the most deadly and bitchin' animal in the animal kingdom. Pet Pieces of Paper were first created by the government , designed to combat rebellious employees. After around 30 years of imprisonment a single piece, known as Harold the Weasel, managed to escape inside Christmas card.

Taming a P.P.O.P.[edit]

P.P.O.P. Are incredibly violent and have a history of brutal murders. It is well advised that you keep well away from them, there are very few instances in which friendly P.P.O.P.s have been spotted.

Although it has been confirmed that pokeballs generally do the trick.

Recent sightings[edit]

P.P.O.P.s are very few in number, but a good number of them have been cropping up recently.

As you can see, Margaret Thatcher was a P.P.O.P.

A P.P.O.P. has been confirmed as a member of the BNP. Although it is unusual for a P.P.O.P. to be involved in politics, it is not the first time.

Breaking News![edit]

Scientists have found a link between Pet Pieces of Paper and Paper! "It was a very complicated procedure", says one scientist, "But eventually we found a clue in the name." He then went on to say that if you look REALLY hard, you too may be able to see it, but be warned now- extreme mental strain will be induced from this momentus task.

"A Day with a P.P.O.P.", by Enid Blyton[edit]

Thats right, the final book in the series is out! Following the massive success of "Toilet-quakers: go to The Alps", she hopes "A Day with a P.P.O.P." will be just as great. This book, which will see the end of the famous series, follows the main characters Hary, Hermoni, and Run, as they attempt to have a wonderful time, and enjoy a picnic. Do, lets! Whiny bitch J.K.Rowling sued poor old Enid for "stealing the names of the main characters". Well, jealousy for the better author was bound to arise in Rowling some day.


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