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Peter "Pete" MacKay
Peter MacKay.jpg

Peter MacKay finding out he was picked to be in Stephen Harper's cabinet.

Title: "Pete" or most commonly called "The Nova Scotian

who gives maritimers lots of dollars!"

Predecessor: a jar of pickles painted Blue
Successor: Stephen Harper
Date of Birth: 100 BC Note: Month of birth not known.
Place of Birth: A small rinky-dinky town with a population of about 5

in Nova Scotia.

Spouse: His loyal dog Fred. looking for wife. Call: 1-800-iam-a-wimp
Political Party: The Screw You Joe Clark Party
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“Belinda Stronach is a dog. I should know.”

“Duct tape.”

“De-elect Peter Mackay for Central Nova!”

~ Every Progressive Conservative in Canada, especially in Central Nova on Peter MacKay

Peter MacKay is a politician who serves under Stephen Albertan Harper's conservative government and is Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for dogs in Canada...especially those that relate to Conservative crossover Belinda Stronach.

I miss Belinda![edit]

MacKay has a dog and after his recent break up with Belinda Stronach he said: "I think I'll go home and walk my dog. . . at least dogs are loyal." This was a major statement that was all over the news- MacKay says he will walk his dog.

MacKay's death sentence[edit]

Peter MacKay's best friend is Harper, so follows Harper's orders even if Harper wants to eat babies. Peter MacKay is not expected to be re-elected and That hippy is expected to become the Member of Parliament for the Central Nova in the next election because he cares more about kissing up to Harper than giving Nova Scotia bags of money, because money buys happiness, and cases of Alexander Keith's. He is expected to spend hours and hours a day walking his dog when he loses the next election.


Peter MacKay with his secret girlfriend.
  • He is secretly dating U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...however, they only see each other once a tragic.
  • MacKay grew up in a suburb of Toronto, Nova Scotia

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Preceded by:
District created in 2003
Member of Parliament from Central Nova
Succeeded by:
28th Ministry - Government of Stephen Albertan Harper
Cabinet Posts (2)
Preceded by:
Pierre Pettigrew
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Preceded by:
Minister responsible for dogs in Canada...especially those that relate to Conservative crossover Belinda Stronach
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