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Peter Moore (Born 3000BC in Hell) is the head of Microsoft's Sinister Interactive Nazi devision (the SIN devision), which includes overseeing and promoting video games for the soul harvester (the Xbox 360).


Peter Moore was originally thought to be Satan himself as it was thought he was the original divine being that was cast out of heaven, but recent evidence suggests that he was in fact born in Hell. Moore is the first child of Satan and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of pure evil and is currently working on a Master’s Degree from majoring in the field of Pedophilia.

Moore originally surfaced to the Earths surface during the Edo period and hit from public view until the early 20th century, where he worked in Germany with his own son, a man known as Adolf Hitler. Moore played a pivotal acting role in the Holocaust during WWII, but he was thwarted by the British before he could complete his master strategy (which remained unknown until the Great Operating System War of 2031).

Microsoft hired Moore in 2003 to lead the mighty army of blind Halo fans, to head the SIN devision and help the Xbox 360 harvest as many souls as possible for his father and Lord; Satan.

Peter Moore is also famous for having tattoos of Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV that he used when announcing that anyone who purchases those games would surrender their soul to him for eternity. It is currently expected that the average gamer will sell his soul to Peter Moore after Microsoft spread rumors that there wont be any video games in heaven except that really annoying game at the arcade that promises a copy of Halo 2 if you win, but is actually impossible to win.

Moore also reportedly endorsed the Wii console as an alternative over the PlayStation 3, claiming that for the price of one $600 PS3, the consumer can buy both the Xbox 360 and Wii, claiming that he can still claim the souls of those gamers... a vital task that would be impossible if customers bought the PS3 instead.

Peter Moore become frustrated with how little his evil was actually reaching the common teenager, he had built the Soul Harvesting Xbox machine but he wasn't actually in charge of any of the games to lure in innocent souls. Moore remedied this situation by moving away from Microsoft and into the jagged arms of the worlds second most evil corporation; Electronic Arts. He will now sit on the throne of the Evil Sports Devision so he can directly harvest the innocent souls of sports fans around the world. It has been reported that he will now have access to over 60,000,000 fresh souls to offer to his father and lord Satan with his new position at EA.

He also won the 2007, Most Evil Looking Video Game Suit award (both staff and fan vote) in Gamesmaster magazine.