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Peter Potamus a Study-Potamus.

Here's Peter Potamus finding out if he's got that...thing they sent him!

“Did you get that thing I sent you?”

~ Study Potamus on Whatever that thing is

“What the...?”

~ Study Potamus on Trying to get his groove on

“My sammich!”

~ Study Potamus on His Sandwich


~ Study Potamus on Tryin' to get his luck on

Study Potamus is known for his many travels around history, but is now known as a gigolo (like Donald Duck, but less successful) as well as a hard worker at Sebben and Sebben Law Firm and perpetual student of the biological and anatomical sciences.

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Time Traveling Years[edit]

Between 1964 and 1967, Study Potamus with his sidekick So-So a Monkey Potamus who is known to nobody now, went to History and almost ruined it at the same time. Like this one time, Peter went to Egypt and killed Cleopatra by sleeping with her when she was supposed to sleep with Marc Anthony who was supposed to kill her with his crappy singing.

In 1967, Study Potamus stopped touring when he found that So-So went solo to be in the band The Monkees...but he never made it since he humped lamps, chairs, and Michael Nesmith. At that time, Study Potamus took advantage of Summer of Love and made love 69 times by 1969. Peter also blew many people away (literally) by using his Hurricane Holler...which was probably one of the causes of Hurricane Katrina.

Between Traveling and Law[edit]

In 1972, Peter Potamus, along with Tom nearly saved all the Hanna-Barbera characters that died in Munich during the 1972 Olympics in Noah's Ark. At the time, Noah was drunk and was sleeping in the ark and once he woke up, Peter Potamus laughed at Noah since he was naked. Noah then left and grew more wine, but then Peter Potamus did the same thing that Noah did...except he laughed at himself, but still...he got kicked-off the ark in 1973 since Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound saw that Peter did this everyday.

In the 70's after that, Peter Potamus would still play the part of the gigolo and would disco until the break of dawn. That is until 1979 when he was in Chicago and everyone there killed disco. So in the 80's Peter had a flower garden in Chicago, right near the The McCallisters. It closed in 1992 when Peter Potamus sneezed very badly since there was nothing but goldenrods.

But Peter didn't fret, since he was popular in 1966, a chain pizza place was named for him called "Pizza Potamus". Most of them were in New Jersey and they too closed, but they closed in 1994 when Chuck-e-Cheese threatened to kill him if he didn't close all of his pizza parlors which had free root beer night.

Sebben and Sebben[edit]

Peter Potamus would go to College and study law by the end of the 90's and would later meet-up with Harvey Birdman when Harvey would meet up with him while sharing a sandwich at Subway. Peter would ask the jury about the...thing. Whatever that thing means. At that time, Peter would worship The Flying Spaghetti Monster which gave him the power of being Incredible Hippo...or was that something else? Anyhow, Peter has been religious, especially the time in 1968 when he met with Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi as well as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Donovan, and Loopy de Loop to name a few in India. This was where Peter would meet the Spaghetti Monster face-to-face while he was in the bathtub doing...bathtub things.

Peter Potamus still works for Sebben and Sebben, but his Law Office is in Cincinnati since he heard that sandwiches are abundant there and he was hungry at the time. He's also married to Judy Ken Sebben, who was once popularized from a song "Judy in Disguise", and Peter Potamus sang that song at their wedding and became a #1 hit in 2009. It also won the best song of the year, but Kanye West still thinks Beyonce should've won that award. So Peter yelled out his Hurricane Holler at him.