Pimp Slap Of Death

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Pimp Slap of Death is one of Jedi Forces currently used by Luke Skywalker, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Pope John Paul 1st, Super Mario, Carl "CJ" Johnson, also known as Cyborg Jesus and Cracked Joints.


Pimp Slap of Death is invented by Jesus Christ when he visited a street whore in his hometown Tunguzistralia. It is done when you use Jedi force and genjutsu to make a illusion so bitch sees whip instead of a saber. Then you hit her and you and the bitch will ultimately get massive amount of sex appeal. Jesus' followers, The 3rd Street Saints tried to use Pimp Slap of Death, but they didn't have a lightsaber and didn't ask Kakashi Hatake how to use genjutsu. So, they used a real whip, but it wasn't the same, pallios. So, The 3rd Street Saints went to Stilwater to find out genjutsu and find a lightsaber. They were stupid, so didn't watch Flar Wars to know they will find lightsabers either in Los Santos or Tatooine, where Superman was born.

Moving to America[edit]

The 3rd Street Saints went to America telling everyone about new power. Luke and Pope knew already and niggaz Dogg, Cent and CJ just found out. They told Super Mario when played the game on Sega.

CJ knew genjutsu and had his lootswoober so he learned the Pimp Slap of Death. He learned all his Grove Street homies and rap homies Snoop Doggy Dogg and 50 Cent. The two then told Marcus Reed the cop, but he could learn it because he was the cop. Also being a cop he wasn't a gangsta because he was a cop...

Sweet uses it on his girl Meat because Meat LIKES Pimp Slap of Death. Skeleton Aztec Cesar used it on CJ's sis Kendl and CJ used it on his bitch Denise Robinson. Also, Robin Hood learned it to use on Lady Merien. Robin and Merien were homies to CJ because they both appreciated Hood. Sheriff from Toolingham, George of the Jungle didn't like them so he was automatically, instantly, severely and angrily OUUUUT!