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Pingu is a faggot.

“Muack Muack!”

~ Pingu on foreign policy

“He's an inspiration to us all, be we feathery or hairless.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Pingu

“NUG, NUG! N**!”

~ Pingu on his military career

“In all probability, Pingu has less then twelve testicles, a face and the name Pingu.”

~ Captain Obvious on Pingu

WOOOO. lo, mi :)

Admiral Pingu J. Penguin (1960-2007) was regarded by many as one of the greatest faces in military history[1], has had a long and extremely successful life[2], and was known as the "greatest admiral the world has ever seen"[3].

Personal life[edit]

Pingu was born in an iglooin Antarctica in 1960 and was often beaten by his angry, drug-abusing father. Pingu was born with several tragic speech disorders, one of which is the "megaphone-like beak" gesture and "NUG, NUG!" sound to indicate anger, frustration or to get attention, or possibly because he is having a seizure.

As a result of his abused mother and angry father, Pingu left Antarctica for the USA in 1973, and joined the Army soon after. Although initially serving as a private in the US Marines, Pingu's obidience and tactical ingineuty let to swift promotions and Pingu climbed through the ranks. In 1995, Pingu left the USA to serve under the command of his home country in Antarctica, and joined the Imperial Penguin Army. It was here that Pingu proved his mantle, and was quickly given command of a light destroyer, the AS Herring.

During routine patrols, a submarine mine sunk the Herring, and Pingu served some time as a lieutenant on an aircraft carrier before promotion to Admiral in 1993. Sadly, Pingu's grandfather was shot by Adolf Hitler soonafter, and Pingu was put on leave to mourn his killed grandfather.

In 1999, after his show ended, Pingu was on extended holiday in Switzerland, where a group of TV producers have created a documentary about young Pingu's early life and the experiences that proved him a true leader.

In 2004, Pingu is back on patrol, along with his sister and all of his friends, who were happy to film a new series that year. When he returned, he won a drinking contest against Robby, Pingo, and Pingg, and is gets cured from buzz.

Unfortunatly, he was killed in 2007 after a NAPA airstrike nucleary bombed his ship. Pingu was the only one killed in the ship, the rest escaped and survived. A funeral was held to honor the fallen hero. Pinga, all of Pingu's friends, and the bombing survivors attended the funeral. He was buried at the IPA's fallen soldiers cemetary in Antartica.


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  2. He was 54 years old and he looked the same as he did 46 years ago!
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