Pink Panther Party

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Pink Panther Party
"Pink Panther Party Symbol"
Foundation 4 Friendship!
Political ideology Rainbows, unicorns and
Color(s) Pink yay!

“Holy Shit its the Pink Pather Party run niggas run.”

~ Malcolm X on the Pink Panther Party

“The only thing that can kill faster then me”

~ Super aids on the Pink Panther Party

“Im taking a guess their color is pink just a random guess.”

~ Captain Obvious on ironic statements

“Who are you? Hello do not come in here disrespecting me or ill slap u mr. i will”

~ Terrell Owens on redundancy

The Pink Panther Party also known as them niggas who will beat the shit out of you are a tough motorcycle gang. In the 1970s they disbanded and killed all of the Black Panther Party. They have special moves such as slapping you or pulling your hair. They have been number 1 since 1873 on the FBI's most wanted list.


While dropping yet another catch for the Philly Eagles Terrell Owens noticed a dog who was being put down in a old shack. Noticing who was putting it down was his archrival Randy Moss so terrell went over there and bitch slapped him. This got the dog horny and so Terrell grabbed the pink part of his penis and screamed Pink Power! Noticing a lion was not scary Terrell decided to name this club with this dog The Pink Panther Party who would become the ultimate badasses.


During the 1800s terrell was having a giant orgy with unicorns and used his powers to make them join the club. They then pillaged and raped people in gay bars hating they gayness and made them join. Terrell Owens was a manly man he wore langerie and had 4 nipples one of the most elite members

Panther vs Jesus[edit]

In the 2nd century around 147 a.d the high pope of PantherVille Tom Bradyheard that christainity was slowly creeping up on Pantherallogy for the religion with most members. After Brady heard about this him and now retired Pope Owens decided it was time to bring back their leader. Instead of a black circle and a demonic tribute they had a rainbow circle and sung the famous "Glory Hole" song by John Cena another top member. In the rainbow Circle the Pink Lord came Check out the new Pink Panther version 2 10 times rainbower 10 times slappier and 10 times manlyer Jesus was then ressurected again... he left his home in South Park to come and fight the Panther who he called a noob Jesus had blinded the Panther but like a dumbass he gave him his sight back so the Panther slapped him and Jesus kept turning the other Cheek till of course he was hit by Thomas THE ChooChoo train another member of the club

Pink vs Black[edit]

During the 1870s another panther party sued the Pink Panthers for copyright of their names the Black Panther Party the two had it out for each other. The Black Panthers a famous fashion company told them to step off because Black is the color that is in this year. The Pink Panthers then told them that they have no fashion sense and that Pink was the new Black. So the two would decided in a fashion show in which the manly man color of Pink won. The black panthers were broken up and either raped or killed.

Pink Panther in modern day[edit]

The Pink Panther is number one on the fbi's most wanted list they have cornered him twice but one time due to the fact he is immune to bombs the Panther blew up the building he was in along with the one next to it this would become 9/11 DAY OF FUN! The Panther also was cornered once again but the fbi noticed Melky Cabrera the greatest baseball player ever and decided to get his autograph so the Panther decided to skadoole out


No one knows where the Panther is but since he was infected with Super aids he has most likely hidden in a cave in Iraq or Iran who the fuck cares they are the same place. The only way to get into the cave was to murder 25 jews which he did easily then he turned on those Muhammed Sand Monkeys by biting them and pinchig them till they bombed themselves watch out hes a tough guy look at that flexability comes in good when you are at John's House at night screaming out ooo Yes while winning a video game. Then again the door was closed and The panther got rug burn but since he is teh 1337 uber pwnage i will believe he was playing a video game and working that joy stick good

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