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Several times in life, one may be requested not to think about a certain animal, namely - a pink elephant. This, as all should know, is a clever and sinister method of mind control, designed to make your mind susceptible to influences from the outside. However, with the help of these easy steps, you too will be able to defend yourself from becoming a puppet of evil masters.

Step One: Run Away![edit]

The best way to prevent mind control is to nip it in the budd, that is, in this case, avoiding The Request Not to Think About the Pi... (DAMN!). Therefore, upon seeing a person who you know to be, or might be an evil master looking for his next victim, simply escape.Run,suddenly and in the opposite direction. It is also advised to inform others of the impending danger.Such Actions may be returned in kind. The official and universal form of address in this case is "RUN FOR YOU LIVES FUCKERS! RUN DAMMIT!!RUUUUNNN!!!! He's trying to control your MIIIIIIINDDSSSSS!!!" while flapping your arms wildly and doing everthing possible to convey that what you are screeching is a matter of EXTREME IMPORTANCE..

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Step Two: Think About Something Else[edit]

If you have unfortunately failed(we pity you) in escaping before being confronted with The Request, our best advice is to think about something else,anything else, and quickly. It can be whether or not you remembered to feed the cat,Your favorite song , that n00b you owned yesterday, or even that special someone that you love so much. Using the "Clear Mind" defense (i.e, not thinking about anything) is not a good fact you couldnt think of a worst one, since the evil master will then be able to actually implant that certain thought in your head(sneaky bastard that he is), paving him the road to making you a mindless zombie slave.which of course you'd deserve on account of your sad failure,ya dunce

Step Three: Do NOT turn to associations[edit]

Whatever you do, do not start associating, for this creates an extremely slippery path back to the unwanted thought, a path which can be easily used by the evil master. For this very reason, while thinking about the something, it is not advised to think about things that are in the pattern of "colour-object" ("green hammer", for example) or issues of religion, as they may bring you to the unwanted thought be means of association so quickly you won't have the chance to stop it in time (God -> FSM -> Invisible Pink Unicorn -> Pink El... DAMN!).

Step Four: If All Else Fails...[edit]

In the event of you failing in all of the above steps and thinking about... IT, you must perform the following procedure, if possible:Knock yourself out. this procedure is the last possible line of defense against vil puppet masters wishin to control your mind.Mind you, its a desperate and dangerous path that can sometimes lead to eternal slumber or the inability to find your pants(not to mention how you lost them)but its the only one.once you have failed to follow the above directions you are DOOMED to be a zomnie slave for life.


I hope this article will help you in prevent your mind being controlled in the future. Remember - evil masters who seek new recruits for their zombie armies are everywhere, so be prepared, alert at all times, and keep in mind the dire consequences of you thinking about the Pink Elephant. Or, rather, don't.