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Notable instances of attempts to achieve piss[edit]



~ Down There on pissing

During the recent great heave in the Lebanon - Ehud Olmert, Hizbollah, Lebanon and Syria struggled to achieve piss and so called Condoleeza Rice in, some hot sex and masturbation then ensued and The White House subsequently announced that she had clearly got on top of things and denied that she had imposed herself as claimed, but that piss had not been achieved although firing had continued for some time, but that the threat of sending Margaret Beckett had soon stopped that.


There has been great piss here for many years.

Pissing in the Bslkans can sometimes be hazardout to one's health. Otherwise, though, rock on

After the Pub[edit]

Sloshed after 20 pints of Scrumpy Cider, then struggling then having thrown Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton and Margaret Beckett out telling them we didn't need them we had a slash; then Condoleeza Rice turned up and offered to help to get the piss talks going, we lied and the rest is history.

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