Plan 11 from Outer Space

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Plan 11 from Outer Space was the 11th and last of the original eleven Plans from Outer Space as carried out by the Planners from Outer Space on the Galactic Planning Council. Although moderately more successful than Plan B from Outer Space which preceded it, it's still considered, in the words of Lt. Tanna, "a complete fucking disaster." Its failure led directly to the subsequent Interplanetary Planning Reforms of 1961 which set the operational & planning guidelines for the next six Plans from Outer Space.

Reversion to Numerals[edit]

After a brief flirtation with identifying subsequent Plans from Outer Space in terms of letters instead of numbers in hopes it would have a positive effect on the Plan's success, this practice was immediately scrapped after Plan B from Outer Space was deemed by many several Senior Planners to be "The worst plan of all time in the history of planning ever." The previous practice of identifying Plans from Outer Space in terms of succeeding numerals was immediately re-adopted, though it too would later be re-scrapped, re-re-adopted, re-re-scrapped and re-re-re-adopted during future plans.

Reviewing the Last Plan[edit]

Upon the collapse & failure of the previous Plan from Outer Space, a blue-ribbon panel of Senior Planners from Outer Space was assembled in order to determine what went wrong with the most recent Plan from Outer Space. After weeks of deliberation in the Master Planning Room of the Galactic Planning Council, they decided that the primary failure of Plan B from Outer Space was due to poor planning, and their findings were accepted by the High Planning Board. It was suggested by the High Planning Board that they "Plan really really hard next time" in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Planning Plan 11 from Outer Space[edit]

Knowing what mistakes to avoid going forward, The Galactic Planning Council once again convened and got down to some serious hardcore planning. Progress was slow at first, with much infighting and tentative decision-making all around. Some Senior Planners became disillusioned and skeptical of any plan ever reaching consensus. After a brief cooling-off period, the council regrouped with the focus on thinking outside the box. "If this isn't successful, and Plan 12 ever gets planned, we can be sure it was worth the planning", quipped the director of the Council several decades ago. Definite conclusions are still in the future.