Planes on a Snake

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The snake you are looking at may not be plane safe!
If Samuel L. Jackson saw this, claim that he did not look like a bitch. Otherwise, continue to read it until your snake urges are sated.

“I'm sick of these motherfucking planes on this motherfucking snake!”

~ Samuel L. Jackson on Planes on a Snake

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not possible for a snake to fit on a plane, for they are simply far too large. Our real concern are planes on snakes.

What is a plane on a snake??[edit]

A plane on a snake is fairly self-explanatory. It involves nothing more than a snake and a plane. They have been rumoured to have links in the past, something to do with Samuel L. Jackson, but that is clearly incorrect. Samuel L. Jackson has in fact publicly stated on numerous occasions, that he does not believe any of the below have had intercourse with their mothers:

  • Preteen slut - Although somewhat debateable
  • Snakes
  • Planes - Yes, this is possible
  • Snakes
  • LOL Snakes
  • Snakes
  • Preteen slut
  • Snakes
  • Planes
  • Sean Connery
  • Snakes
  • Plakes
  • Snanes
  • Plakesnanes
  • Snaneplanes
  • Plain Toast

...and once more with feeling:

New discoveries however have laid claim that the plane on a snake phenomenon is down to Yion-Tangpong training manual, it has been released thousands of years after his demise and lets almost anyone learn the art of plane snake combo. The move is thought to have been possibly the stupidest thing Tony blair has ever done whilst intoxicated.

Planes on snakes mostly happen due to horrific fiery crashes, not hungry snakes as many people seem to believe, as this would be planes IN a snake.

What does a plane Snake do?[edit]

The plane snake is basically a small dc-8 plane from the movie scientology attached to the snake via a painful procedure known as snake stiching, this involves stiching the plane to the snake using smaller snakes tied together to make the strongest thread in the universe.

once this procedure is complete the are transported to a mystical place where they are stored until needed.

once a snake is summoned to be shot out of the urethra at high speeds it starts its journey. the planes power the snakes causing havoc in the form of biting of the penis and nipple, laser shows in the middle of the night and flooding small childrens homes.

many have tried to stop the menace of the plane snake combo but it is proving more difficult than the military has the capacity for, even that crazy guy of cky has no power.

This is a plane snake combo in hiding in the afghan mountains, moments later the photographer was killed

What possible effects could this have?[edit]

Planes have the capacity to become very dangerous weapons, as do snakes. Fortunately for many people, neither are as such. Below is a list of possible effects:

  • Outbreaks of slithering planes
  • Outbreaks of large snakes
  • Outbreaks of Samuel L. Jackson
  • Turning Ginger
  • Eating babies
  • Watching adult swim excessively
  • Speaking in an Irish accent and thinking you're James Bond

How can I stop planes on a snake??[edit]

There is no way to stop a plane on a snake. Destruction is inevitable. Our impending doom has become such a concern that many have simply ended their lives in order to end this torment. Good luck.

The history of Plane-Snake Combo[edit]

Plane-snake combo was originally created by master yion-tangpong in the ancient temples of ibiza. yion-tangpong would summon demon spirits and channel them through his body in order to attain +39 hp bonus he would then scream "Je suis une chatte massive !" which roughly translated means "Summon the mighty power of snakes!" 94342 snakes would then fly out of his Urethra at the speed of light. To accompany the snakes he would also unpack a toy plane and throw it at the opponents forehead which would lead to bruising. At the time this was one of the most deadly martial art combos known to man and was feared for its massive self esteem damage.

Unfortunately in the late 1990's when hitler was creating bands such as NIRVANA and "Ryan's girlfriend" (Strangely unknown to many people, this band is a softcore gorilla metal band said to be one of the greatest influences in the production of weapons of mass destruction in the common household) to take over the earth, yion-tangpong's combo moved was accidentally spliced when he tripped over a small twig and fell into a splicing machine. This machine created the deadly plane-snake combo we know today which has been responsible for the following

  • The berlin wall falling
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • All nervous responses in the body
  • Hoover bags
  • Preteen sluts
  • Your Mum
  • Ryan's girlfriend ( I'm Going to fucking kill this person who put this!-Ryan) - LOL
  • Saying "LOL"
  • Women gaining the ability to speak
  • Impulsive verbal abuse of Ryan's girlfriend/mum
  • The french
  • "Dead or alive" - the movie
  • Stella Artois
  • Ridiculous points on articles which are completely unrelated to the original topic
  • Lex Luthor

64-Bit Plane-Snakes[edit]

The logo for this rare new breed of snakes

64-Bit Plane-Snakes are rumoured to have multithreading capabilities that would increase their speed as well as their efficiency in killing, however in order to be a true 64-Bit Plane-Snake they have to be running on an operating system that is developed in 64-Bit. Plane-Snakes have rejected this idea because they said the operating system was for fags. A dual core Plane-Snake is still a possibility. This would have the power of two snakes and would therefore cause a catastrophic end to the human race. However no-one has yet survived to report whether or not they exist.

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