Plastic Army Wars

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Interestingly enough, this war is a branch off the Kitten wars, and is currently being fought in North Carolina. It started when a patrol from the Persian battalion of the 9th Siamese Division ran accross a secret camp set up by the humans. The humans wwere breeding a secret weapon: Plastic Army Men. The kittens ransacked the camp, and hundreds of thousands of little plastic army men ran off into the surrounding country side. The humans jumped the kittens, as they were coming back from the camp, and killed all but a few of the patrol. They managed to stumble back to camp, and reported to there commander about their find. Unbeknownst to the kittens, though, is that their leaders had been secretly setting up a program and exprimenting with plastic kittens. The kitten generals sent out there plastic kitten, hundreds of thousands of them, after the army men. the generals then got stoned on catnip, and destroyed all evidence of the program. They forgot about the program, and when one suddenly remembered, noone really cared. And so , the humans having given up on plastic too, the plastic armies continued to fight on, totally seperate from their real counterparts. Keep in mind, these figures are about 3 inches tall at max, so it is a very samll scale war to us. I accidently stumbled on too a battle, and watcghed with great intensity. I trapped one of thje kittens and they told me of this war, and what information he knew of its history. i went home, and after a little research and great amount of slacking off and smoking pot, I have decided to write all of this down unless I forget it.

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