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The Pocket PC has been a technological mystery ever since it was invented in Scranton, Pensilvania.

You've got your computer in my pants![edit]

Pocket P.C.s (standing for Postal Clerk) were introduced after clothes manufacturers went bankrupt trying to make a pocket big enough for a full-size postal clerk to fit in. This, of course, led to a sharp decrease in demand, since now there was no convenient place to put them while dragging them around. The answer was so simple that the bloke who thought of it was shot for not thinking of it earlier.

The plot thickens![edit]

What the Postal Council didn't know was that trouble loomed just around the corner. Delta waves were so easy to create that certain members of the public started capturing their own clerks, shrinking them down and selling them on the black market. Soon everybody was doing the same, and the company went bust. (The bust industry sued for defamation.) With an abundance of clerks, the public was happy, until they figured out that they didn't actually need their own postal clerk after all. Mass slaughter ensued, spawning the slogan [[|Nobody Cares|A Postal Clerk is for life, not just for tax returns]]. Soon they were an endangered species, and to this day they are protected in special sanctuaries. Only about 500 exist in the wild.

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