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A spinoff from the second greatest film of all time, Alcoholic: The Untold Story, the epic photoplay. It features the real hero of the film, Poleman.

You just got Pole'd!.


Pole'd was the brainchild of the second most evil television broadcasting corporation, Fox apparently trying to appeal to the 'angry, violent teenager' demographic. It involes Poleman and his entourage and occasionally Polemans hero, Chuck Norris The Great attacking celebrities with blunt objects (poles and feet).Fox were quickly sued by MTV but the lawsuit was abrubtly dropped due to the entire legal team of MTV and Ashton Kutcher being Pole'd.

''''''Here's an Example targeting Harry Potter:''''''

Pole Man Hey look it's that guy from Harry Potter, the acclaimed film.

Potter Who the hell are you?

Pole Man How's this for a wand!

Pointing at 15 foot pole hitting Potter on the head.


Pole Man - You just got pole'd!!!!!!!

Selling Out[edit]

Early in 2005 Poleman disappointed his loyal fans by switching from his trademark 15ft iron pole to a 5ft lead pipe. Unable to support his heavy drinking due to lack of merchendise sales Poleman spiraled into oblivion and is believed to be living in East Mexico with his longtime companion Gir, fellow Alcoholic: The Untold Story star.

The Famous Return[edit]

Early this year Poleman made his return to the business of random violence when he reforged the shards of his long forgotten 'Old Rusty' into his new weapon of choice 'NEW RUSTY' and has begun on his new pole'd quest alread Pole'ding Michael Jackson, Superman, the entire Lotus Blossoms Pasketmaul team and YOU in the last 3 days.