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Polka is the oldest genre of music known to man. In 9804 BC, two men named The Polka Pair (aka DJ Tiesto & Ferry Corsten) were tired of dancing without any music. Dancing without music makes you look crazy, so they tried to find noises that went along with their dancing. After years of work in their basement they created Polka. They released an album called "The First Damn Polka Album Ever" and it went triple platinum. The Bohemians, contrary to popular belief, embrace the polka as their native folk music.

After an initial surge of popularity, Polka went on the decline, until it was revived during the inauguration of President James K. Polk.

The word "Polka" is attributed many different meanings in various languages. These include, but are not limited to:

Famous Polka musicians[edit]

Famous solo polka dancer: Nisse "Polka" Gustafsson