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The Ponzi School of Business at Bowling Green State University is one of the nation's leading business schools, highly respected in the academic community. Ponzi graduates are highly sought by top companies around the world, such as Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals (makers of Enzyte) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

The Ponzi Campus[edit]

The Ponzi School of Business is situated in the fashionable eastern side of the Bowling Green State University in scenic nortwestern Ohio. The campus is easily accessible via Interstate 75 and is only a short drive away from such exciting destinations as Toledo (no, not that one), Antwerp (sorry), Lima (nope, not Peru), and Milan (emphasis on the first sylable, sorry again).

Shuttle service to the Detroit International Airport is available for a nominal fee.

Academic Program[edit]

The only degree program offered at Ponzi is the full-time MBA. The administration believes its focus on this single program allows them to maintain their high academic standards and consistently produce highly skilled graduates.

The Ponzi MBA is a two year program. During the first year, students take a required set of core classes. Over the summer they are expected to hold an internship, after which students take elective classes to perfect their skills in their individual areas of interest.

Core Curriculum[edit]


Classes taken in the first year include the following:

Fall Semester

  • Graft and Ethical Expectations
  • How to Lie with Statistics
  • Capital Markets: Inspiring False Confidence
  • Legal Environment of Extradition Focuses on Venezuela, France, and Angola

Spring Semester

  • Managerial Economics: Beyond the Pyramid
  • Corporate Finance and Junk Faxes
  • Tax Havens of the Caribbean and Former Soviet Bloc
  • Advanced Corporate Espionage

The core curriculum classes are designed to provide all students with a firm grasp of modern business principles and a foundation for further learning. After completing these classes, students fill their second year with elective classes.

Available Electives[edit]

Electives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Feigning Corporate Social Responsiblity
  • Doing Business in Police States
  • Utilizing Prison Labor
  • Union Busting: The Anti-Chavez
  • Extrasolar planet hunting
  • Overseas Financial Institutions
  • Exploiting Strategic Business Relationships
  • Strategic Brand Managment
  • Taxation, Business Policy, and Corporate Brinkmanship

Notable Alumni[edit]

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