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Poopfishing is a commercial task that fishermen do to manufacture Poop Cuisine. Often times, park rangers will hire their admirals to clean out the toy lots for turds that qualify as good Poop Cuisine. Due to the biohazard status of poop, flies from maggots infest the poopstained water that poopfishers navigate for good poop to fish out of the sea.

Many rivers around the area serve as runoffs for all the poop that people can fish out to make Poop Cuisine with. All these runoffs contain essential fibers that people eat to make nutty poop for people to reeat when necessary. The ocean has a lot of jellyfish that poop out jelly to make jelly sandwiches out of.

People who suck poop will use master bait to fish out good sperm whales to cut up so they can eat the poop in their intestinse. Admirals and captains have taken too many poops to waste while traveling the seas while looking for random poop to fish out for making poop cuisine.

Essential vitamins extracted from poop[edit]

Salmon poop has many of the nutritious vitamins that regular salmon skin has; except it serves as good Poop Cuisine for poopeaters. Much of the Phish poop fished out of the sea also happens to be turds excreted from members of the band Phish hence the word pun.

Vitamin ABC is exclusively found in poopfished poop that people serve at restaurants that serve Poop Cuisine.

Areas prone to poopfishing[edit]

  • The arctic region is prone to penguin poop that people fish out to make poop cuisine out of. Also, coral found on the Florida Keys has fish poop trapped inside. The band Phish has used the Internet to phish people for money to buy poopfishing equipment with.

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