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“I need some rocks

~ Tamia
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pop rocks + Coke = One big bada-boom

Although relatively harmless by themselves, pop rocks are deadly when combined with carbonated beverages, especially Coke. Often used as $2 nuclear weapons by New York gangs and kids forced into African armies.

The misuse of a bag of pop rocks and a can of Coke is punishable by death in 13 countries, life sentence in 54, and a minor spell in prison in many more. In the Islamic world, offenders are usually stoned to death in public. Obviously in the Communist world, Coca Cola and its imitators cannot be found. It should also be noted that in Soviet Russia, coke pop rocks YOU!!

Cruise ship hits reef spilling Pop Rocks, Best surfing in years, Dude! NASA announces using Pop Rocks to propel shuttle on next Venus mission.

Invented by Andy Warhol.

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