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Pope Sevunus served as Pope of the Catholic Church from AD 1683 until 20 BC

The Multi-Pope[edit]

Sevunus was not so much an actual pope as a group of popes, each masquerading as one and occasionally using quantum physics to actually become one for short periods of time, the duration of which can only be calculated to a degree that decreases as our ability to determine if they actually were one pope and not a group of identical popes decreases.

Pre-Pope Days[edit]

Little is known about Sevunus' days before becoming pope. In his book, Why Kittens are Delicious, Louis XIV of France wrote:

"Perhaps the biggest factor behind the lack of knowledge was simply the lack of a well-bred kitten. The public simply did not care about the early years of a pope when they were suffering from kitten shortages"

Sevunus as Pope[edit]

Sevunus instituted a number of important reforms, and also revoked a number of important reforms. His papacy was simply a whirlwind of activity, with decrees being issued then soon after revoked; issued and simultaneously revoked; and revoked and then many years later finally issued.

The Usual Suspects[edit]

Little is known of the identities of those individuals who collectively were known as Pope Sevunus, but the following are considered suspects:


Their reign was immediately preceded by that of Pope Sixtus IV and followed by the indeterminate and perhaps never existing period of time known as Time of Happy Dance.

Preceded by:
List of Popes
20 BC-1683 AD
Succeeded by:
Sixtus IV