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Here is an example of a game:

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Protect Earth from the meteors. Use the arrow keys to move the spaceship but avoid the bottom. Press <SPACE> to shoot missiles. If a missile touches a meteor, the meteor is gone and you get 1,000 points.


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Rock, Paper, Airstrike is a popular children's game where 2 or more children gather in a circle and make obscene hand gestures at one another in an attempt to win the game. The rules are surprisingly complex for such a simple children's game, yet it remains a game that children enjoy the world over. Adults don't play because they generally find the game too disturbing to enjoy.

Gameplay is rather simple for a game so complex. Unlike "War", the card game, no props are needed. All players need are their own hands. The players have a choice of the handsign for rock (a fist), the handsign for paper (an open palm), and the handsign for airstrike (like the handsign for paper, but with pinky and thumb extended outwards). Below are listed the ways that winners are determined in a two-player game (the game grows more complex as the size of the group playing increases, but the basic ideas remain the same). (more...)


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...The Cardboard Box is the latest advancement in the field of tactical military equipment.

...Barns and Nobles is the most successful medieval farming roleplaying game, played by millions of teenage nerds worldwide.

...Japanese Game Shows can be a little peculiar and imprudent at times, but these characteristics are what makes them so distinguishable.

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The Grue Crossing signs have proven to be an effective way to prepare drivers for an encounter.


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