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Here is an example of a game:

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Protect Earth from the meteors. Use the arrow keys to move the spaceship but avoid the bottom. Press <SPACE> to shoot missiles. If a missile touches a meteor, the meteor is gone and you get 1,000 points.


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AAA is, was, and always will be, without question, the greatest video game player on Earth. Known only by the three initials he uses on arcade high score lists, he has left his ubiquitous mark in the RAM chips of countless motherboards. He both owns and has played every single video game in the universe, including the superintelligent ones developed by the Pentagon that suck you into a Tron-like cyberspace where you fight to the death against the CPU itself. He has killed approximately 12 video game CPUs in this fashion.

Among other accolades awarded to him, he has a cylindrical battery cell size named after him as well as an automobile organization.

It is not known exactly what AAA looks like, as he is understandably reclusive. Conflicting eyewitness reports of a skinny twenty-something Korean with stubble, a pasty-faced former Atari beta-tester, and even a six-foot-tall bearded Eastern European have all at some point been attributed to AAA. It is clear that unless he ever chooses to publicly reveal himself, we can only continue to speculate. Personally, I think he is a tall, Asian, stunningly handsome, single, twenty-something, well built hunk. Sigh. Unfortunately the odds are that AAA is a small Japanese boy with a ridiculous amount of talent at DDR. Most of the time, he wears a hood to hide his face. Scary. (more ...)


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Uncyclo-tan lost The Game, and so it did you.

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...You're Screwed.

...Welcome, to an encyclopedia article unlike any other! Whereas in most encyclopedias, you read the article from beginning to end, in this article YOU get to decide what happens!

...Rock, Paper, Airstrike is a popular children's game where 2 or more children gather in a circle and make obscene hand gestures at one another in an attempt to win the game. The rules are surprisingly complex for such a simple children's game, yet it remains a game that children enjoy the world over.

...In real football, the ball is held by the hands 95% of the time - regardless of what those damned Limeys say.


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A typical NES controller


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