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The corporate logo of major American mobile phone corporation, Poser Mobile.

Poser Mobile is the number one mobile phone corporation in the United States. Founded at least 100 years ago by Alexander Graham Bell, who was, himself, living the thugg lyfe, Poser Mobile has risen through the ranks of the telecommunications industry to become one of the highest rated and most influential telecom companies around, far outranking competitors T-Mobile and Boost Mobile. Their beloved television commercials are also described as the singlemost accurate portrayal of the hip hop/urban culture since MTV unfairly decided to stop running MC Hammer videos.

Corporate Mascots[edit]

"Fees, shorty, fees!"

The corporate mascots of Poser Mobile, the Posers, are accurate caricatures of current urban trends. In fact, the impact of the Posers is so strong on American culture that a significant number of America's urban youth have taken to dressing and talking like them whenever possible. Poser Mobile simlpy responds that they are in touch with America's burritos.


Poser Mobile's well known mobile prepaid phone service plans are seen as some of the most valuable and reasonable in the United States. With plans such as "Twenty Five Cents to Connect" and "Extra Dollar Per Day Extra", customers always know what it is that they're receiving. Should a customer run out of prepaid minutes, they are cheerfully informed by members of the Poser Mobile staff almost immediately of the fact that, "Poser Mobile sez you outta prepaid minutes, yo!" -- at this point, they are informed of the "Fees, shorty, fees!" and told of several alternative payment plans.

With this kind of customer care and service, it's no wonder Poser Mobile is number one.

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