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Were you looking for Potato Mine (artillery)? Cause if you were...

A potato mine is an underground land mine where potatoes have been appearing for over four centuries.


The first potato mine was first discovered by Pot A. Tow in 1543.2 in Idaho. Upon excavation he discovered the mine stretched hundreds of miles underground containing countless valuable potatoes. After Potingato mined out all of the potatoes his mine became a wasteland where the homeless and an Oprah cult took up residence.

However after 30 years of being deserted, one Oprah warrior found that the mine actually contained more potatoes. This led to the FBI's up and out campaign to clear all the mines of homeless and the Oprah Warriors in 1685. Many FBI officers died in this campaign, and today a memorial still stands in the mine, for anyone stupid enough to go down. The state of the memorial is not known, not due to the lack of people entering the mine, but due to the number of people coming back out.

Scientists tested the mine and came to believe that the mine will regenerate potatoe mines every 50 years, thus making every mine a valuable piece of land.


Most potato mines are located throughout North America but America has the biggest economic needs for potato explosion, making it the country with the most mines that are undergo constant explosion.

Today Mexicans or other undocumented laborers do most of the potato mining in the U.S. This includes the one way trip down to the memorial.